Working affective government will not work with two party system republican democrat its taking affective people's government away from Americans. Health care is free market business not part of failing bail out business government.

Today's version of non affective government still works for high price business. Working government is not congress senate or the house still fighting to bring the troops out of Iraq. This government has taken human freedoms away with Heavus corpse. Politics in America has become a political war zone between democrat republican.

Working affective is elected by the people any big business or lobbyist in this now business controlled government. The bailout took money that should be ear marked for the millions of needy American not corporate companies. The government will split with upcoming elections in all three branches of government.

US Government needs new house congress senate for too long the American people have been failed to reach affective working government. Long to long we the American people have not had the biggest vote turnout ever in American history. When election come in November we need to change the house the congress the senate all totally.

Time for American voices votes to take back American peoples working government. This out of date government are spoiled they live high on the tax payer while you the American people struggle daily to [provide for your families to live. Time for complete American change in all phases of American elections to get affective working government in all branches of US government. Time for all Americans to get out speak up vote for a holy new congress house senate down to mayor is we must.

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Working affective American government in congress senate house. The vote by all the American people should be for all new members of all three branches. time to bring government back to the American voters the general people for all people by the people vote