The past 7 years have witnessed a sudden rise in consciousness about green mother earth, and an influx of 'Green Parties' in an already crowded party system, it is a natural expectation of the aware citizen that environmental applications will not remain restricted to the ambit of textbooks, and the far-from-adequate courtrooms orders that get implemented at an alarmingly slow pace.
The election campaigns held in most parts of the country stand as a glaring example of this discrepancy and inadequacy.

Walk down the streets of an election anticipating constituency.
First, you wont be able to walk, owing to large scale encroachments on roads by poles and banners; owing to public meeting eating away a large chunk of roads, pavements and parking lots adding to the woes of people trying to desperately to get somewhere on time; owing to rallies on two lane roads; and noises way beyond the permissible level in residential areas. All of these promising to give us a better, cleaner, safer and easier life than the other.
Second, you ask ourself a question, " Wheres the credibility?'
Third, you don't have an answer.

Having understood the benefits of the commonly used advertisement ploy of 'Direct Suggestion' i can still deny its efficacy in this case. And not without an alternative.


A better campaigning ploy can be used by parties wishing to really make a difference and get votes, not merely because of a lack of choice, but because of a positive will of voters to nominate them consciously to power for reasons of right legislation.

Wrong publicity methods should and must be avoided. Methods such as door-to-door campaigning, emotional appeal, and subtle suggestion and most importantly, A PROPAGANDA OF THE 'GREEN' ALTERNATIVE the party is using can be used, atleast in cities where 'political pollution' is adding to an already ugly urban sprawl.

It is my belief as part of the 'aam aadmi' body, that such a step would work, and work well.
It is an expedient as well as an ethical method- a combination rarely observed in modern political phenomena.

But for all this, we need a long sight. People say the Indian Democracy is still immature. With reason, i believe it has come to age. The only problem is, that its leaders have not yet matured.
We hope the wait for the child in the family to grow up is not too long.

About Author / Additional Info:
a student. a cynic. but she hopes.