Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invited President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to watch the India-Pakistan World Cup semi-final in Mohali on March 30. The formal invites are reportedly being prepared for what is seen to be as initiation of cricket diplomacy to boost ties between the two countries. This diplomacy actually used by President Musharraf during Manmohan Singh first regime for peace progress in the territory and call it cricket diplomacy. When Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf joins Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi to watch a cricket match between their national teams. Expectations are high that the leaders will agree on the next steps toward negotiating a resolution of the decades-old conflict over the disputed territory of Kashmir. In this context highest peace talks resumed in January, 2004. A new bus service took its maiden journey across the line separating the Indian- and Pakistan-controlled parts of the territory on 7 April 2004. Some 19 passengers traveled from Srinagar in Indian-controlled Kashmir to Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, and 31 passengers traveled in the opposite direction. For the first time in 57 years, families divided by partition were united amid a great show of emotion and celebration. But as soon as the remarks of PM Manmohan Singhon on Kashmir issue that India doesn't want a deadline imposed on negotiations changed the whole seen. Mean while bus system was closed due risk of lives.

It is reality that If both countries can continue on the road to friendly relations, they'll reap huge benefits both economically and politically. On 23 March 2011 Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani appreciated the contribution of civil society during talk with "India and Pakistan for Promotion of Peace Society" lead by a famous journalist Kuldip Nayar that war is not a solution and talks are only way forward between Pakistan and India. PM said that it is dire need for all segment of society to visit and exchange their views for better understanding. Pakistani Media Channels are promoting this dramatic improvement in relations between the two countries promises distinct benefits for the two nuclear-armed neighbors and ultimately translates into peaceful relations. In fact, the benefits that flow from trade and cooperation can serve to reinforce the peace process, and the tone of recent high-level exchanges suggests that both sides are inclined to embrace this approach, even without a final resolution of the territorial dispute over Kashmir. The dispute between Pakistan and India, which have fought three wars, has been a seemingly intractable conflict and one of the major potential geopolitical flashpoints in Asia. Despite occasional setbacks, India and Pakistan have come a long way since the signing of the Lahore Declaration in 1999, which formally endorsed the need for peace in PM Nawaz Sharif government.

On the other hand some analysts said that invitation of Indian Prime Minister is only for his vested interest. This in turn could prove instrumental in better trade and defense relationships with the superpower, and it would also advance India's claim to a permanent seat on the U. N. Security Council. Internationally, a peaceful settlement with Pakistan and consequent removal of the threat of nuclear war on the subcontinent would enhance India's global reputation and would be key to increased U. S. cooperation in trade and defense, both of which are coveted by India. The relationship of India with all neighbors are discretely bad and to curb this tendency Indian PM invited Pakistani PM and President. Pakistani Government gave some concrete proof for the Indian agencies involvement in Baluchistan and other part of Pakistan which is question mark for Indian government. Pakistani public badly feelings that UNO and USA supported for the election in Darpher Sudan and East Tamuir in Malaysia for separate country. But long outstanding issue of Kashmir is still pending in UNO being a Muslim state. Even President Barack Obama promised in his election campaign that he will be solved the problem of Kashmir if succeeded.

Hundreds of Kashmiri were killed by the Indian Army who wants self determination under the UNO charter. Indian Army brutally killing the innocent people of Kashmir. Kashmir is the back bone between Pakistan and India. If Kashmir dispute solved as per UNO charter then relation of India and Pakistan automatically normalized and free movement of people, capital, and goods is set to boost bilateral trade, which has been suppressed by prohibitive tariffs, a highly militarized border, and severe travel restrictions. UNO Resolution on Kashmir's status is therefore a necessary condition for a full-fledged peace accord. A negotiated solution is probably still a long way off, but the Kashmir bus service and cricket diplomacy could finally lead to more concrete steps toward peace. However I agree those person who want peace in the Asia and promoting peace dialog with the both countries.

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