Before entering politics the male or female contestant say's I will do this I will do that, but the vision is lost after election is over whether he/she win or lose. The political class is now surrounded by the word "Corruption" and has become the only Agenda and Vision of our tall political leaders sitting in the opposition. All are forgetting that First point of corruption starts from givers not takers and the first are those great money minded Individuals and Corporate? Don't you think they are the only encouragers to politicians? Following this our great politicians get greedy (of course as they are also human being) more and more as if they are going to carry their wrongly created wealth with them when they die. Same case is in the Business class who create Black Money through undervaluing Invoices, their movable or immovable properties. What has happened to the God created creature Human Being. Is this the Vision of people's nominated representative to run our country? Is this Vision and Teaching from our great business gurus to the youth of our nation?

Ignorance and Media Publicity are misleading children and youth, thereby resulting in many critical problems in the society thus living youth in wrong path. Many youth opt. hanging out in the street or watching T.V which brings lot of negative inputs from different sources many young people are in confused state. Making unable to judge their direction, some of them are going in wrong directions with negative impressions. Hence they are spending or wasting their time for useless discussions, watching movies, gambling, sitting idle etc., finally they are ending up wasting their entire life with all negative thought. By the time they realize, their life will be out of their hands, losing the health with poor habits and various addictions.

The Great Media Journalists and Reporters What are you doing----Yes I am calling all special programs anchors i.e. the News hour, Centre Stage, The Big Fight, The Last Word, Face the Nation etc., which debates day's Breaking Story with prominent public figures. It's like Masala and Tadka for these media Journalist and Reporters who have to do their job for their employer so that they get their salaries. These debate programs are becoming same as exciting serials of Sony TV's CID and Adalat, the difference is reality fiction and prejudices.

Calling Shri Aamir Khan 'Satyamev Jayate' which made the people sleeping from 40 years to awake, knows, understand and act on various social issue. But after the completion of its episodes we have come across the same issue raised / featured in it, so now where is the Great Mr. Perfectionist Shri Aamir Khan I openly call him in the public domain. And ask the aam janata (the common people) who heard and acted on the words of Shri Aamir Khan. What have you learned and earned. Ultimately he made you to make expenses in your regular life.

So Finally 'Satyamev Jayate' ' happened to be a publicity stunt or something else. Think my Dear People think.

I have seen and spent time with person who has spend 20K-50K after a certain program appeared in the so called Reality Show 'Satyamev Jayate' '- a socio-economic serial. So who is the loser here? You or the person anchored the program who may have been paid crores to act?
The Ultimate requirement is a Vision, a program in form of a product and a service were every common person (aam admi) gets connected in their daily (day-to-day) life for a true change that can uplifts every individual which will in-return helps country grow.

95% of commercial Ads (print, voice, television and internet) are ruled and dominated by Bollywood, Glamour and Sports world celebrities. The fact is, none of them use the product or service in which they act or anchor in the advertisement's. But definitely they are paid crores of Rupees which add to the products price substantially and the aam janata buys it happily. What a system is this? 50% price of products is added with publicity cost which is paid to crorepati's again and again. What discrimination in this?

The Great Shri Arvind Kejriwal is going to be called as the masiha of aam janata. Shri Kejriwal is the master of shelling social and political bombs. Self-discipline and Social-awareness hold the key in any people's movement. A member of Shri Kejriwal team can freely say against Kashmir and to cut it from India, does he know how many Hindu's visit the temples in Kashmir every year and our aam admi are backing such type of a person.

'The Silence of the good people is more dangerous than the Brutality of the bad people...Martin Luther King Jr.

Although there are several private institutions (School, Colleges and Companies) that are over charging the public for certain services those cases will not come under corruption whereas they are plain cases of cheating, fraud or taking advantage of people's wants and desires. The need of today is a Vision inform of program, product and service to uplift the leaving standard of our citizens instead of planting and pouring anger.

It is a known fact to the aam janata that person's sitting at the higher post or seat do have close or friendly relationship with the popular persons, large amount depositors, Big FD holders etc., Not as previously 2-3 decades ago when the account holder had family like relation with the head of the branch or institution. Matter of fact is, today majority of the account holders are known by their account number there is no moral relation. The treatment to aam janata is given like as if he is an outsider.

The practice of these institutions which are actually to help and save is no more available. These institutions which are suppose to give guidance and reasonable service are in fact looting, snatching and debiting amounts from small saving account individuals and small trader current account holders by mentioning in passbook or statement i.e. non-maintenance charges, ledger folio charges, attestation charges etc. They happily do favour and lend credits to the already rich individuals and companies because they have personal desires in return.

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Dated: 10/10/2012
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