Ataturk (Mustafa Kamal) is the founder of present Turkey in 1920. He wants to established such institutions (military and courts) which effectively prevent Islamic theocracy and promote secular activities in Turkey. But the public of Turkey did not accepted such ideology and struggle against this eventuality and try for Islamization in 1930.In this movement they make several religious schools, proliferation of mosques,and firm determination for returning to their ancestor ideology . All Turk's government wanted to take a membership with E.U at all cast but in vain. Present Turk Government instigated demands by the European Left to curtail military activity as a condition for Turkey's E.U. their membership, but E.U and its ally did not give membership. The people of Turkey dis-hear ted such response and they think that E.U are ignoring for membership due to Turkey belonging to Muslim World. Many analytical are agreed that Turkey is the bridge between East/ West, and an important U.S. ally because of its size, strategic location, strong military and profitable business opportunities for American companies. Turkey supplied the Germans with substantial quantities of chromite s, essential minerals which harden steel for armor. The United States and Turkey enjoyed close bilateral relations through the post-Cold war period.

Present Government of Turkey has changed his policy due to some obvious reasons and expanded his relation effectively for changing the balance of power in the Middle East and across the globe. Muslim world appreciated when Erdogan admonished Westerners' use of the term "moderate Islam," by declaring in 2007, "These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it." Similar word used by Erdogan in 1994, while mayor of Istanbul, when he avowed, "Thank God Almighty, I am a servant of the Islam." Further confirming his strategy in 1996 after he was dismissed as mayor, the future Prime Minister stated, "Democracy is like a streetcar. You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you step off." Although Turkey previously enjoyed good relations with Israel, but due to attacked on freedom flotilla in which many people of different categories were killed/injured by Israeli commandos. This action is against the humanity and condemned by all human right organizations. In this operation a prominent Pakistani anchor Talat Hussain was also arrested. In 2005, Turkey became the General Secretary of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and worked for interests of Muslim World In 2009, Erdogan visited Iran and give full support for Tehran's nuclear program and refused to support economic sanctions imposed by the West.

In 2003, Erdogan government makes some constitutional amendment for creation of new social laws for making more democratic Turkey and gave full liberty for the press, journalists for criticizing the government. Erdogan also appointed those judges who were not involved in any corruption cases for better justice to public. He also removed banking regulatory board members and replaced them with Islamic banking officials . He makes president to Abdullah Gul ex foreign Minister who had worked in the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in Saudi Arabia for eight years in 1991 he came back to Turkey for promoting the economical situation in the country. As Turkey is strong militarily, economically and its people are more realistic than other communities. They can play a key roll in Muslim world which is acceptable for all continent of Muslim. The current Middle East turmoil Turkey's playing a realistic role and asked Mubarak to step down and accept the leadership of public which is main pillar of democratic government. Due to significant roll of Turkey in Egypt appreciated by the new generation of Muslim World.

Turkey policy is very attractive for all Muslim Countries. It tell us that they makes their policies for the interest of their nations without taking dictation from others. Turk government help all needy people during natural climates. During earth quick Turk government help Pakistani affected persons like own brother and Last year when flood came in all over the Pakistan Turk government provided all necessary things to flood affected people. Turk government also established a Field Hospital at Dera Murad Jamali (Baluchistan) where a competent Turk Doctors team is also available day and night for checking the patient. Edogan reach every corner of Pakistan and share the sympathize of Turk brothers. Some analytical said US promoting Turkey for their own vested interest But I disagree this point of view and added that after 9/11 Turk Parliament unanimously passed resolution against USA demands. Now I reached at the conclusive with simple one sentence That Turkey is glittering star for all Muslim World.

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