It may be a subject of discussion as to what is l be the future of the political party launched by Mr Arvind Kejriwal but his allegations on the leaders of various political parties make us think whether all politicians in our country are corrupt. Arvind Kejriwal's first target was Mr. Robert Vadra and the manner in which the entire congress leadership jumped in to defend him is really a matter of great concern for an ordinary Indian citizen. Every body wants to know the formula to make 300 crores from 50 Lacs in just 3 years. If there is nothing hanky-panky in Vadra-DLf deals then why don't Mr Vadra come forward to defend himself. Harassing IAS officer who ordered inquiry in his deals really shows that there is something wrong. It has also come to light that an MP from the main opposition party also tried to raise the issue in the parliament few months back but interestingly he was stopped by a senior leader from his own party on the pretext that it is not fair to target family members of political leaders. It's well known that this type of un-written rules are followed in the underworld only where family members are spared while settling personal scores but it's totally unheard of in a political system. One of the possible reason behind the entire episode may be a fear of the war being escalated to the second level and other political parties might start exposing family members of the leaders of rival parties and the picture may go more dirtier.

After Robert Vadra,Sharad Pawar and BJP president Mr Nitin Gadkari also come in the firing line of anti corruption activists. The Union law minister Mr Salman Khurshid is also facing charges of money laundering through his NGO. The nation is asking a simple question, who next? We may see some other names being exposed soon but the story will not end here. The entire political system of the country is under threat. Even today, politicians in our country don't carry a good image among the masses and if the little trust that is still left, also goes down then what will be the future of our democracy.

The anger against politicians is spilling over now. Those who are supposed to lead us from the front are found stabbing us on the back. The youth of the country is struggling for livelihood and our leaders are just busy in earning more and more. Every day a new scam is coming to light.It might not be possible to expose each and every corrupt politician but as the new names are coming up every day ,the possibility of an ordinary citizen losing trust on our leaders is definitely getting stronger.
The situation is getting worse day by day and India Against Corruption wants to take advantage of the situation by projecting every other political party as corrupt and offering itself as the only alternative. Our political analysts might be scratching their heads but it is a fact that the integrity of every politician is under scanner which is very unfortunate for a democratic system like ours. A big and highly disturbing question is currently running through every Indian mind.Will our political system completely collapse or it's going to get out of the situation and survive? Answers might differ but But the positive thing about the entire drama being unfolded is that it might encourage so called good people of the country to start actively participating in politics and a new era of Indian politics might begin. We should keep our fingers crossed.

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