Rajnath Singh once again provoked one of the sensitive issue of Indian Politics with ancient readymade matter of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. But this time not like before as it was having some different circumstances. Speech seemed far away from threats of BJP's secularism and colliding support. It was analyzed everywhere but soul of this matter was missing.

It is seemed from various analysis that BJP's issue for Election of 2014 would be Hindutva which is been Hero of many elections for the party. But it is a very small part of strategy of 2014 but not the strategy.

For fair analysis we will have to calculate some stuff from BJP's prospective. We'll have to add Uttar Pradesh's Allahabad which is role playing state and Maha Kumbh which attends massive gathering of Hindus came from all over the India. That number of millions of Hindus can hardly be imagined in any kind of 'Sabha' or 'Sammelan' by BJP or any party and Ayodhya matter is like catching weak nerves of them.

Notable thing in the speech is that Ayodhya temple was only a part of speech not the concentration. Party is not going to gamble on Hindutva as it's been old and can also cost them their colluding support and it's construction secular image. Even party also knows that this issue is not worthy because in this upcoming elections religion and cast will not be the game changer and they're also not running any short of serious issues in fact UPA provided them something new every year and due to this there are numbers of deep serious issues like Inflation, Corruption, Scams, weak institution of Law and Order, fallen Economy and many more.

Politics of Cast and Religion will not be as important as it been before. Strong reason for this is that in past time voters of middle and lower class were not concerned and not aware of leadership. Their mentality was "Whoever comes I'm suppose to do my work as I'm found now as well as before". They don't use to notice where they were affected and if they do they use to ignore it for elections. Due to these reasons there priority was to put someone from their community or cast or religion and put it in a scenery of power.

But today all are affected and the good thing is that all are noticing it as media is also forcing them to do so. Today in the era of Globalization basics of voting is changed and now majority of our unaware populace initiated to think about their development and their goodwill before voting. Some perfect examples of this are set by state elections of Bohar, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc.

Today every voter of every class is affected and feeling betrayed, due to this thinking is also moving towards change. Now they started to vote someone who can provide them relief from Inflation, Corruption and falling Economy and put them in a structure of development. Demand of Narendra Modi, rise of Anna Hazare and Arvind justifies this theory.

BJP will also compete with version of relief and development. This Hindutva and Ram temple of Ayodhya was just a part of their strategy for 2014 to beg some traditional BJP styled votes and also to cover a limited group which is still sticked to that old psychology. BJP will hardly be seen with this Hindutva material in future. Party's strategy will be according to the acceptance as well as expectations i.e. Anti-Corruption and Anti-Inflation.

About Author / Additional Info:
This article was written on February 7 but published on March 5th