When a person hears the word PRIME, what are the usual images or words that fill the person's mind? Powerful, important, authoritative, an entity of a very high degree and excellence etc.

Similarly when a person who is basically an Indian hears the word MINISTER, what are the usual images that fill the person's mind? Corrupt, uneducated, criminal and for some, images of development, growth etc may also appear as the person I am referring to need not represent the views of the entire demography. But most of us will get an image of a corrupt, incapable person considering the recent political scenarios in our state and our country which have brought shame on our entire political fraternity because of certain individuals.

Now finally when we integrate the two above mentioned words PRIME and MINISTER into a single entity, what are the images that fill our mind? I would say the effect of the word PRIME will have the maximum impact on our image formation. Most of us will get an image of an authoritative, responsible person. What are the qualities expected to be displayed by this person? This is a person with impeccable integrity with a hard working frame of mind coupled with the ability to make positive decisions which will create an impact in the country. His decisions carry marks. The marks that actually count in the overall development of the motherland. He is the leader of the cabinet. He is the boss. Many Cabinet ministers come and go but the prime minster doesn't go anywhere without leaving a mark. He is watched by everyone. the media and the political parties and the public follow his every move. Whatever he speaks becomes a national news. He is the chairman of the planning commission and various other commissions. He appoints cabinet committees to decide what is best for our country. He is an ambassador of the country. He negotiates and signs deals for development and prosperity in foreign lands.he makes suggestions to the various bills presented in the parliament. He is a person commanding the utmost respect along with our president and the judiciary. we are talking about the person who has the power to order a nuclear retaliation in case of an emergency as we have a 'no first use policy'. He is the image of the country, representing our country. Since he is expected to display the above qualities, it is highly unlikely that he will indulge in corrupt practices. It is just my assumption. First of all, a person becomes the prime minister when he usually has had a clean past. It is clearly evident in our current and previous prime ministers as far as I know.

When a person who has a clean past and a clean record does become the prime minister, it is highly unlikely that he or she will indulge in corrupt practices abusing his or her post. It sounds absurd as the prime minister is watched for every move that he or she makes and I really don't think that a person who has lived an honest life will suddenly spoil everything that has been achieved by that person after becoming the prime minster. Becoming the prime minister itself will be considered as a great achievement because it means that the public has some faith in the person's abilities in handling the affairs of the country. If this person of impeccable integrity does come under the lokpal committee, and investigated for the crimes he may or may not have committed, it will deliver a devastating blow to the image of the country. As mentioned above, he represents the country, if he is investigated and made to step down until the investigations are complete, it will lead to anarchy. The good name we have in the world today will start diminishing. Organizations and industries will think twice before investing as they may start developing an opinion that if the prime minister himself is corrupt, what about others? how can we invest without paying bribes? It will lead to a political war, agitations and like I mentioned above, anarchy. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be a lokpal. I respect mr.hazare's views. His current agitation I understand is very much required for the country. We do need a lokpal. But the prime minister coming under the lokpal is not the best for the country. The political parties should have a moral responsibility in selecting the prime minister. I feel that the prime minister must be selected with proper consultations with the public society. Similarly I feel that the judiciary also shouldn't be included under the ambit of the lokpal. Since the supreme court is an independent institution, it has delivered devastating judgments for example the recent ban on mining in Bellary. Just like the opposition parties have noted, it is better to set up a national judicial commission under the judicial accountability bill, wherein the judges will not be appointed by fellow judges alone, But also people from the public society.

The recent impeachment motion against justice Sen which was approved in the rajya sabha shows that justice will be delivered . There is no need for a lokpal to constantly observe the courts and therby questioning the independence of these courts. The judges need not have to work in such an environment wherein they are constantly watched. It is not feasible to give super power to the lokpal committee but I do not agree with the government lokpal bill which absolutely gives no power to the lokpal. A lokpal with a strengthened central vigilance commission, a strong whistle blower bill, judicial accountability bill along with lokayuktas in every state will effectively curb corruption to a level never imagined before. Coming back to the prime minister, if at all the person is corrupt, he should be investigated or prosecuted only after he demits office which is what I feel, because once a person demits office, the positive focus moves away from him or her. Taking inference from the quote "A person who is out of the picture is long forgotten", hoping that the government introduces an appropriate lokpal bill.

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