Because of the fact that Romney is betting his chances on the ECONOMY, during the last week before elections, President Obama must make his case on the economy using simple terms to make his points, both in speeches and in ads.

To wit,
That Mr. Romney has NO plan for America's Economy! If he had one, he would have given Americans DETAILS. Every time he has been asked for details, he has said, "the devil is in details"; which he literally means, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO DETAILS. Translation: HE IS SELLING AMERICANS a PIE IN THE SKY!

GOVERNOR ROMNEY'S MATH DOES NOT ADD UP! Americans, all Americans, male, female, rich, middle class, poor, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, non-affiliated, all Americans must beware that Governor Romney knows that his own Math does not add up that is why he keeps avoiding the subject of DETAILS and he is trying to make Americans FALL FOR a PIE IN THE SKY that he does not tell Americans the details as to how he will "CREATE 12 MILLION JOBS"!

Americans need to remember the REAL ROMNEY who said that he "loved to fire people"; that "47% of Americans are not responsible for their lives and that they do not pay their income taxes, and that they are dependents of the Federal Government", and that, therefore, he, Mitt Romney, does not care for them. This is the REAL MITT ROMNEY, America. Selling you the pie in the sky of 12 million jobs does not make it so.

PRESIDENT OBAMA, on the other hand, has created MILLIONS OF JOBS since he PUT A STOP TO THE CATASTROPHIC FINANCIAL CALAMITY that America was going through when he took office.

Yes, America, remember that in 2008, The American ECONOMIC STRUCTURE was going down, was falling apart, was crumbling, losing 800,000 jobs a month, meaning that unemployment was climbing past 11 %. President Obama stopped the crumbling. Then, he started rebuilding it to the point that, as of now, he has already created over 4.5 million new jobs...

Why would Americans believe a snake oil salesman who got a good line but NO plan? And that when he ventures his plan of giving more money to the rich and cutting programs, which he does not name, all the experts say that it won't work and that the math does not add up?
Then, with a straight face, he calls President Obama's economy, "a failure". In other words, Mitt Romney wants to convince America, by just making up numbers that DO NOT EXIST, that stopping the collapse of the economy and creating millions of jobs is, actually, a "failure".
Mitt Romney not only has NO SENSE OF MATH, but even NO SENSE OF DIRECTION!

Americans know better. They know that the economic HOUSE that was destroyed when Obama took office, he started rebuilding this house of American economy by LAYING DOWN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE FOUNDATION. Then, as everyone can see now, he is REBUILDING THE WALLS and setting up the STRONGEST PILLARS so that, ONCE THE BUILDING IS FINISHED, IT WOULD BE STRONG AND PROSPER.

Yet Romney, in order to mislead Americans, calls this STRONG AMERICAN HOUSE still GOING UP, GOING UP stronger and steadier still, a failure. Which shows that he is not only a snake oil salesman who is hoping that his listeners will not check him out and check out where he is coming from (he likes firing people, he does not care about 47 % of Americans, etc.).

Finally President Obama NEEDS to tell Americans the difference between what he has done and what Mitt Romney promises to do, which is, empty sentences and a number drawn out of the hat, "12 million jobs", which is based on anything since he refuses to give details.

SPECIFICALLY, President Obama must remind Americans that, based on ROMNESIA, Americans CANNOT AFFORD TO TRUST MITT ROMNEY.

Finally, Mr. Obama MUST remind Americans to THINK DEEPER why would they TRUST someone who hides from the public what actually could give the American people THE EVIDENCE to TRUST him. Why DOES MITT ROMNEY REFUSE TO RELEASE HIS TAXES of the previous 10 years? And why would Americans TRUST such a person? What is he trying to hide? Can Americans fall for a person who refuses to put on the table all his cards so Americans can trust him or is he saying, as he said in the 47% speech, to hell with Americans, he just want the position so he can attend to the needs of his rich friends and take Americans to new wars all over the world?

President Obama needs to NOT LET Americans be hypnotized by this snake oil salesperson who is promising a pie in the sky. His math does not add up and is his sense of direction is upside down. His economic plan's details are secret because no one would fall for them, and he is calling "failure" a plan that, not only stopped the destruction and the free fall of American economy, but a plan that has been succeeding by creating jobs. And when Romney says that the good that the Obama's economy is not good enough, first of all, one cannot call "good" a failure. Second, the economic house being rebuilt is still not completed yet. Thus, it is misleading Americans by telling them that this American economy going up stronger and steadier with millions of jobs already created is a "failure".

The American Economy is ON THE WAY BACK and the best is yet to come, because a strong foundation, strong pillars, and strong walls have been set up, and America cannot allow someone who likes firing people, who does not care about 47% of Americans who do not pay income taxes, and who is hiding God-knows-what by not releasing his own taxes returns of the last 10 years, America cannot allow him to come in and mess things up and help his rich friends.
Americans simply cannot TRUST Mitt Romney.

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