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  • The Monster Lives Here    By: Jose Martell

    The fox is in the hen house living with the hens. The owner of the hen house has agreed with the fox to allow him to live there if the owner can have some eggs once in a while. >> Category: Politics
  • Water World    By: Bob Ticer

    Water is most essential for countering climate change. >> Category: Politics
  • Problem of Middle East Part 2    By: Devvratt Charan

    Conflict of Middle East boiling the world and creating direct influence upon the economy and crude prices. Taking a brief introduction from history and connecting it to the 21st century to inspect the rising of the problem. The current issues of Israel, Palestine and the problem of whole Middle East. >> Category: Politics
  • Problem of Middle East Part 1    By: Devvratt Charan

    Conflict of Middle East boiling the world and creating direct influence upon the economy and crude prices. Taking a brief introduction from history and connecting it to the 21st century to inspect the rising of the problem. >> Category: Politics
  • As Baba Go Slow Goes Steady    By: Richard Imhoagene

    It's more than six months after Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as president of Nigeria. In all this time, Nigerians have had to watch, with keen eyes, the activities of the Buhari government, and measure how much of his campaign promises he's been able to fulfill. Regrettably, Nigerians voted the man with the expectation of an instant change, seeking a quick resolution of the many problems facing the country. But Buhari's seemingly slow pace towards anything and everything has earned him the nick-name 'Baba Go Slow,' with Nigerians wondering how long they have to wait for the change they voted for. Read and enjoy! >> Category: Politics
  • Laissez Faire Fairness    By: Bob Ticer

    The physiocrats who advocated laissez-faire economics of capitalism of least government influence are generally overlooked in preference of the work of Adam Smith. This article advocates that their agrarian philosophy of wealth is fundamentally correct. >> Category: Politics
  • Nigeria, Not Yet Uhuru    By: Richard Imhoagene

    Buhari won the last Presidential election to become Nigeria's fourth democratically elected President since 1999. The events leading to his emergence were such that saw a majority of Nigerians clamouring for change. And like a Knight in a shiny armour, he seemed to have rode on the wings of change. Nigerians voted him, with a vast majority expecting a magical turn around of the present situation.. >> Category: Politics
  • Nigeria @ 54: More Pains Than Gains    By: Richard Imhoagene

    After over five decades of self rule, the Nigerian nation seems to be revolving around a cataclysmic circle of frustration, as high hopes have been dashed over and over again. The vigor and passion with which our struggling nationalists fought for nationhood has been flawed by the current crop of leaders who display a shameful form of governance and have succeeded in plunging the nation adepth. >> Category: Politics
  • Race to Aso Rock: Jonathan Vs Buhari    By: Richard Imhoagene

    All things being equal, President Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) of the main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) may once more be engaged in the electoral battle that will determine who eventually emerges the indisputable winner of the presidential election slated for Saturday, >> Category: Politics
  • Economic Climate Change    By: Bob Ticer

    This article is about an idea promoting a positive economic effect for climate change in addition to the carbon tax that has recently been claimed to ensure jobs and prosperity. >> Category: Politics
  • Banking on the Government    By: Bob Ticer

    This article argues that climate change is a worldwide problem and that all nations can benefit economically in combating it by means of a world wide banking system insured by the United Nations as its governance. >> Category: Politics
  • The Love of Money For Playing the Game of Life    By: Bob Ticer

    There are two distinct aspects with regard to the value of money. One aspect is the value of money is only what it can be redeemed for. The other aspect is the utility and freedom of what money provides us for the choice of goods and services. This article further distinguishes these two aspects. >> Category: Politics
  • Beginning of a New Religious Politics Out of Politics    By: Devvratt Charan

    Moktada Al-Sadr resigned from politics and also clinched his hands from his party headed by him leaving his ministers in dilemma. This resignation is dedicated to a religious politics free of politics. What are the consequences that are going to be seen from this cutting off of him as elections are very close and he might give away power to people he is opposing which will also harm his efforts. >> Category: Politics
  • The Debt Owed to Milennials    By: Jade Azim

    Young people are often scapegoated. Is it justified? >> Category: Politics
  • Changes in Indian Politics | Aam Aadmi Party    By: Liyakat Shah

    It is the beautiful Constitution of India that gives an opportunity to even a comman man to dream and knock the doors of Indian Parliament and not any money or corrupt politics >> Category: Politics
  • Auntie Beeb, You Let Us Down    By: Jade Azim

    With the airing of We All Pay Your Benefits, the BBC demonised an entire sector of society...once again. >> Category: Politics
  • Dilution of Rule of Law    By: Siddhartha Suripunj

    When people lose faith in rule of law they evolve their own method to sustain and grow. If the govt. itself fails to deliver what it has promised in its own passed legislation, least can be expected from other section of the society. Not getting legitimate response from the authority People then learn to manipulate and twist to achieve their major or minor goal. >> Category: Politics
  • To G8 Summit Leaders: Which is Worse, Syria or Congo?    By: Meema N Yaa-Lengi

    Question to G8 summit leaders meeting in Northern Ireland: WHICH IS WORSE, SYRIA OR CONGO? These leader are demonizing Syria and its leader, Assad, while at the same time, just like during the Jewish Holocaust of Adolf Hitler, they look the other way while millions continue to be massacred in the Congo holocaust. >> Category: Politics
  • Michael Gove's Attitude, From an Actual Student's Perspective    By: Jade Azim

    We always here the opinions of indifferent politicians on the ills of UK education, but not the students. Well, this is what this student has to say about Michael Gove's latest 'reforms' >> Category: Politics
  • A Black Man in the White House: Yesterday's Dream, Today's Reality.    By: Richard Imhoagene

    America's political history cannot be said without recognizing the life and contributions of Martin Luther King (Jnr). His nonviolent form of civil disobedience is what has brought America to this stage of their national existence where an African American now directs her affairs as President. >> Category: Politics
  • What Lies Beneath UKIP's Rise?    By: Jade Azim

    What's scarier, people making an uninformed vote for UKIP, or people knowing what they stand for and still voting for them? >> Category: Politics
  • Open Letter to George Osborne and Chums    By: Jade Azim

    How can a debate over the welfare state shift the blame to those most stricken? >> Category: Politics
  • BJP, Hindutva and 2014    By: Devvratt Charan

    BJP will compete with version of relief and development. This Hindutva and Ram temple of Ayodhya is just a part of their strategy for 2014 to beg some traditional BJP styled votes and also to cover a limited group which is still stucked to that old psychology. BJP will hardly be seen with this Hindutva material in future. Party's strategy will be according to the acceptance as well as expect >> Category: Politics
  • The Dinosaurs of Downing Street    By: Jade Azim

    The Conservatives must adapt - or die. Last month, David Cameron faced the largest rebellion in his party's recent history over the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act. Despite his enthusiastic approach, more Conservative MPs voted against the bill than for it, by 139 to 132. >> Category: Politics
  • BREAKING NEWS: Being Both Healthy and Free is Not Possible | Paul Ryan    By: Jade Azim

    Paul Ryan, being an awesome person as usual .He has blamed Mr. Obama for failing to curb the deficit, wasting stimulus money to revive the U.S. economy during his first year in office and passing a new health-care law that should have no place in a free country >> Category: Politics
  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty - Sabean Fulcher    By: sabean fulcher

    My response to the articles written about me for everyone to see >> Category: Politics
  • Demarcating the Indian and the US Democracies - Part 2    By: Drabir Ghosh

    Difference in US and Indian Electoral system. Another remarkable difference between the two democracies in their electoral process lies in the different ways of political campaigning, one such being the concept of debates. >> Category: Politics
  • Demarcating the Indian and the US Democracies - Part 1    By: Drabir Ghosh

    Major differences in the Indian and US election process, the way they select candidates to represent the respective parties, the way they campaign and different forms to lure voters. The amount of money spent in elections and how effective it is when it comes to gobbling up votes. >> Category: Politics
  • India is a Developed or Developing Country?    By: Naveen Kumar Challa

    India is said to be developing country from last five decades, inspite of the advancement in various fields. I try to explore the reasons and given my views regarding the poor being poor and rich being rich. Young Indians need to take initiative to get rid of this name of developing country and make it developed country. >> Category: Politics
  • Obama V Romney. Who Wins? A General Overview.    By: Alex Gordon

    Tuesday sees the culmination of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's election campaigns, but who has the edge? What will play a major part in who will be President of the United States come this Wednesday? >> Category: Politics
  • The Star Spangled Bubble    By: Jade Azim

    How perplexing must it be for an American to see how much attention others have on their country when they need not do the same? >> Category: Politics
  • Obama Must Make His Last Stand on Economy: America Cannot Trust Mitt    By: Meema N Yaa-Lengi

    President Obama, using simple language, must tell Americans that the American economy was collapsing, but that he put a stop to the collapse and the economy is now creating jobs. The rebuilding is not completed. But Mitt Romney is selling Americans a pie in the sky (12 million jobs) without a plan and NO details. Romney's math does not add up and his sense of direction is upside down. >> Category: Politics
  • 44th Glossary of Terms (Cont.)    By: Tuffy Butler

    America Redefined - Reality is what 1600 says it is >> Category: Politics
  • Are All Politicians in Our Country Corrupt? (India)    By: SAURABH SRIVASTAVA

    As more and more Indian politicians are getting exposed,the ordinary man of the country has started thinking that, are all our leaders corrupt? >> Category: Politics
  • Barack Chronicles - Ode to the Prez. (Part 2)    By: Tuffy Butler

    Forwardly in Reverse - Snippets of the 44th term - 2008 to present >> Category: Politics
  • Barack Chronicles - Ode to the Prez. (Part 1)    By: Tuffy Butler

    Forwardly in Reverse - Snippets of the 44th term - 2008 to present >> Category: Politics

    This article discusses my opinion about real issues in India today including - visionless politicians, money minded corporate, media giants, celebrities, public figures and institutions. >> Category: Politics
  • Arvind Kejriwal - PM in Waiting?    By: SAURABH SRIVASTAVA

    Is Mr Arvind Kejriwal's political dream going to come true or it's going to vanish just like a water bubble?? Will he be able to get sufficient public support needed to come to power?? In an era of coalition governments will his party be able to ensure it's political survival alone??There are many more questions that are needed to be answered before Mr Kejriwal thinks to move ahead. >> Category: Politics
  • Definitely Ain't No Lincoln (presidential elections usa 2012)    By: Tuffy Butler

    Mr. Obama fails in comparison to Mr. Lincoln - however when it comes to Chi-town he does favor ...... >> Category: Politics
  • Wake up Obama: You Can Win By 5 To 10 Points or Let Romney Win By 2    By: Meema N Yaa-Lengi

    Obama must spend the rest of the campaign and debate drilling into the American psyche how Romney cannot be trusted as president due to his lack of honesty (he refuses to reveal his taxes and he refuses to come clean about his time between Bain Capital and the Olympics), his dismissal of 47% of American people (which permeates the new republicans' - Tea party's - speeches in one form or another), his lack of specifics and change of positions depending on the settings. >> Category: Politics
  • UPA Govt. Should Take Right Decisions at the Right Time    By: Harish Monga

    Only strong decisions can bring the train of Indian economy on track. UPA Government should take right decisions at the right time. >> Category: Politics
  • Governmental Policies - Just a Vote Bank Policy    By: radha madhav bera

    This article is meant to create an awareness among the common people that how Indian government making us fool.Delhi govt. introduced kerosene free city policy.but central govt. introduce policy which is contrary to the earlier the so called policies of the government actually helps or not.i have tried somewhat through my article for the common people >> Category: Politics
  • Your Fetus Matters More Than You    By: Jade Azim

    The GOP's sheer abuse of women. As a young woman observing the presidency race from afar I feel conflicted. On one hand, I almost feel a sense of relief and amusement that British conservatism is ridiculously moderate in comparison with the dear old Republicans. >> Category: Politics
  • How is It Possible to Get the Perfect Probate Lawyer Omaha?    By: oneil francis

    You might have to look forward to get a good lawyer for yourself to solve your cases. You need to make sure that you always get the right probate lawyer Omaha that would serve your purpose. >> Category: Politics
  • Annaji in the Public Perception Has Let Himself Come Down    By: Padmalochan Dash

    By declaring his intention to float a political party Anna Hazare in the public perception has let himself come down from the posture of 'a second Gandhi' to the position 'a second Nehru'. >> Category: Politics
  • Latino Nerd    By: Marcos Moran

    Immigration to a Nerd. I am what any regular person would call a Nerd. Well, yes, I am at the top of my classes, which are 75% white people. Until recently, I didn't know how bad the situation is for a person like me. Facing deportation by the authorities. Facing harassment by regular people. >> Category: Politics
  • The Democrats Have No Political Fight in Them    By: Meema N Yaa-Lengi

    While the republicans use code words, lies, and distortions, and while they are consistent with these terms in order for the Americans to believe that these distortions are true, the democrats are speaking all over the place, falling into the republican trap by using negative terms in talking about the great accomplishments of President Obama. How can democrats expect to win in November? >> Category: Politics
  • When Romney and the Republicans lie and the Media let the lies be!    By: Meema N Yaa-Lengi

    When lies are repeated so often, the people start believing that they are true, especially when the media does not expose them nor debunk them. This is the state of the presidential campaign in the US today. The US voter needs to be drilled with the TRUTH that Obama took over when the house had collapsed; since then, Obama had to, first, stop further collapse, and now, America is rebuilding. >> Category: Politics
  • Redefine Secularism    By: anuj sharma1

    India is a secular country but secularism has become a tool in the hands of political parties and leaders to secure votes of minority communities, specially Muslims, without doing anything tangible for this community. Sheer lip service in name of secularism has harmed interests of the community as only emotional issues not the real problems are addressed by those who seek Muslim votes. >> Category: Politics
  • Post Presidential Election Scenario For Election 2014    By: anuj sharma1

    After presidential elections in India lot of new possibilities will emerge for regional parties if none of two national parties succeeds chances for Nitish Kumar of JDU will be brighter for top post. >> Category: Politics

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