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  • A Drop in the Ocean.    By: Priya Doraisami

    Regular robotic life, same surroundings, a normal day but an unfortunate incident. >> Category: Women
  • From a Mother's Eyes    By: Navneet Kaur

    Mother's bond with her child is hard to be defined in words. A mother's love knows no boundations. Only she can feel the joy that she experiences when she looks at the smiling faces of her children. And she is ready to do anything to keep those faces smiling. >> Category: Women
  • Woman - A Strength of Society    By: Priya Doraisami

    This article is all about woman and the measures we can take as a society to protect and give a safe world to her. >> Category: Women
  • CERVICAL CANCER: What every woman should hnow about it.    By: S Edwin

    There are various methods of identifying, reducing risk factors and preventing the risk factors for cervical cancer and they are listed here. >> Category: Women
  • Have You Always Wanted a 'Hair Band' Kind of Guy? Try Hair Extensions    By: Justin Allen

    What are hair extensions? If your looking for that special lady! You CAN have that man, or woman, and it can be super easy. Well, the looks part, anyway! If you want a sweet dancing, crooner, that part is on you, or your man, but the looks, yeah, there is help for that. The next best thing in making a real live 'hair band' guy is Hair Extensions. >> Category: Women
  • Dowry Deaths Emerging as a Severe Crime    By: Ashutosh Mishra

    This articles exposes its strength against the most severe and deadly thoughts continuously emerging inside the minds of the human beings in the form of dowry which blindly leads its path towards the haunted destination of DOWRY DEATHS. >> Category: Women
  • The Diary of a Hopeless Romantic    By: anonymous indian

    When do you realize that you have found the one you have been waiting for?Do you believe in true love? And if you keep falling in love with a new guy every week, is something wrong with you? If you are facing the same dilemma, do not worry because you are not alone. >> Category: Women
  • Love and Care Your Daughter    By: Liyakat Shah

    Remember once she gets married and settles away to an unknown destination. Remember at our bad times it is girls who remembers and cares us. She loves and cares not only her in laws but also her own parents. She has to adjust to new house, new parents and new people and new society and new place >> Category: Women
  • Mother a Unique Person in Universe    By: Liyakat Shah

    Mother is the most respected person in the world. We can purchase anything in this world but we cannot purchase a real mother in this world. She never discriminate any child just as the birds care their chicks. A mother may have various kids some may be male or female and some may be physical fit some may be dependent on her throughout her life. Some are beautiful some are ugly. But all the kids irrespective of colour are given the same treatment >> Category: Women
  • Women Revolution in India    By: Ashutosh Mishra

    The article initiates the involvement of women in India in almost all the developmental sectors to be noticed as Women Revolution. >> Category: Women
  • Sexism and Sports    By: Jade Azim

    Where society DOES define us. It is because social constructs have made you believe these women have no place in your sports, even if they ARE not as physically strong. >> Category: Women
  • Do You Fear Money?    By: Jenenne Macklin

    We have all the resources to create financial success, whatever that might mean and yet many people continue to struggle with creating money. Is it fear of money and sabotaging beliefs that block their success? We have everything necessary for us to be, do and have what we desire so what are the steps to create our financial freedom and success. >> Category: Women
  • Hijab a Garment of Modesty    By: Liyakat Shah

    Its human psychology that human visions are fascinated by the charms and beauty of females and in today's complex world Hijab is a must because day by day the clothes of female are getting lesser and lesser and body exposure has become a competition among the females in the name of fashion. They feel more relax and comfortable by wearing less or thin clothes on their body >> Category: Women
  • Marriage a Bond of True Love    By: Liyakat Shah

    The happiness of successful marriage blooms like a flower everyday and spreads the fragrance of true love and co-operation in the house and society that too when both the souls have a common understanding in every aspect of life. Both of them stand firm at times of joy and sorrow >> Category: Women
  • Queen of Jhansi: Rani Laxmibai    By: Shweta Saxena

    The saga of a fearless woman who fought relentlessly for the freedom of her motherland. The face of Laxmibai turned crimson in ire. She ordered her soldiers to bring a burning torch and put cartridge in the canon. >> Category: Women
  • FEMALE FOETICIDE    By: vipin kumar

    In this article, I told u about FEMALE FOETICIDE in INDIA. It is a very big problem in INDIA. >> Category: Women
  • The Blessings of Bismillha    By: Liyakat Shah

    Bismillaha means to begin every good work with the Name of Allah who is Most Gracious, Most Merciful. If any is work done by recitation of Bismillha than it would Bless our work >> Category: Women
  • Save the Existence of Girls    By: Ashutosh Mishra

    This article is totally targeted towards killing up of baby girls before birth in most of the families even if potential of girls can be measured to march their legs with the legs of this modern scenario and to prove themselves best in almost all the edges of development. >> Category: Women
  • The Tagore Women - Kadambari Devi    By: Pala Sen

    The Tagore family in Bengal has an impressive list of women who had possessed that rare mix of great beauty and brains. In this article we will discuss about Kadambari Devi who many regard as the Indian Nobel Laureate's muse. >> Category: Women
  • Journey Towards Enlightenment - Story of an Unknown Bengali Woman    By: Pala Sen

    This is a short story about a very ordinary middle class Bengali girl during the British Raj who became extraordinary through her own unique efforts. >> Category: Women
  • Women Emerging as Top Managers    By: Shweta Singh

    Provided the resources , support and encouragement women can show their competencies equivalent to men . This can cut down the social men- women disparity creating a transparent unbiased society as well as boost the economy as well........... >> Category: Women
  • What You Need to Know About Buying Butt Pads Online    By: Pearl Monroe

    Silicone Body is a leading provider of the best padded underwear. If nature did not endow you with a shapely rear end, you may be interested in the many butt pads benefits that are available today. One of the best ways to learn more about these butt pads benefits is to read padded underwear reviews that come from real users of these products. A good place to find honest padded underwear reviews is >> Category: Women
  • Hyper Sensitive Women Characters in Anita Desai's 'Voices in the City'    By: p.suresh kumar R.panneerselvam

    This article deals with the tradition of psycho, analysis and its influence in writers in English in both European and Indian literature and the place of Anita Desai in the tradition. >> Category: Women
  • The Changing Role of Women in the Society    By: kamaraju pulugurtha

    The roles of women have changed substantially.Women have no longer been decorative pieces.They are now proud bread-earners of Indian Families.They have a respectful place in the Society. >> Category: Women
  • Motivating Factors And Problems Faced By Women To Start Business    By: raghu yadaganti

    many factors which made women to start business and the women's are facing lot of problems in starting business like family support, competition and cultural constraints, especially today rural women . primary objective is to show the factors (push& pull) which made them to start business, the problems faced by women in starting business and which we can drive to develop solutions >> Category: Women
  • Useful Tips to Keep Your Woman Happy Forever    By: Madhura Vaidya

    This article will show you an insight about the needs of a woman,what makes her happy? sad? angry? excited? etc. It tells you how a woman is perceived and how she actually is, whether its simple or difficult to understand her. >> Category: Women
  • Down the Memory Lane .. Experiences of a new mother    By: Fahima Yousouf

    Experiences of a new mother: There was a time when I could see images of the labour room in my sleep. I still shudder at the memories of the heaving and panting and enormous pangs of pain. My fingers were pink and aching on holding on tight to the edges of the obstetric table. >> Category: Women
  • Dreams: Allegory    By: Carole Boisserie-Alexander

    Two metaphorical poems relating to suicide, and the loss of one's self. >> Category: Women
  • Healthcare Screenings For Females    By: Matt Smith

    Healthcare screenings for ladies are vital as ailments is often diagnosed at an early stage and knowledge of such screenings also can bring about condition elimination. Popular screenings for girls are mammograms and blood strain checks. >> Category: Women
  • In Women's Society    By: Calvin Price

    In today's modern society and world people have noticed that there is a change in human thinking and personal views. The most noticeable thing is that women have become more advanced and ready to except any kind of challenges put my the world against them. Not only taking care of the family but also helping they husband's in running a happy family. >> Category: Women
  • Marriages and Their Lives    By: Calvin Price

    Let me bring to you apart of my observation and thinking on arrange marriages and love marriages. It just a that both of these are same in nature but some differences has to be there. As it is said marriages are made in heaven so its each ones destiny to meet the right person of their dreams. >> Category: Women
  • Problems Faced by Women in Their Lives    By: Calvin Price

    This topic in dew respect to all the women who have gone through a lot of things in their lives. Some of their lives have been hell for them more than what other people have gone through . Its that due to educating them and spreading awareness that only some of the things have come under control. In our modern society a woman is seen independent humans shouldering equal responsibilities. >> Category: Women
  • Empowerment of Women Through Training Programmes    By: radha radhathirumurthy

    Entrepreneurship among women is an emerging recent phenomenon. It is the process of creating value by attracting together a unique package of resources to exploit an opportunity. Micro credit programme will empower women by strengthening their economic roles, increasing their ability to contribute income to family and giving them experience and self-confidence in the public sphere, exposer to income earning activities. >> Category: Women
  • Start Eating Right For a Healthy Baby    By: abba wukksmn

    A standard delusion regarding the eating routine of a pregnant woman is usually that she should consume for, but research indicates that it's not what amount you take in but your diet (which is to double the nutrition) due to the fact all the nutrients the baby needs are given by the mother in pregnancy thus it is vital that the mother has a excellent diet. >> Category: Women
  • Women Empowerment and Their Role in Rural Local Self Government - Part 1    By: Lata Jayraaj

    Case study of a courageous elected women representatives in India. Jamrud Bibi, age 50, President of Devipattinam Village Panchayat, district Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, owes her orientation towards public service to her father who is a leader in the Muslim community >> Category: Women
  • Women Empowerment and Their Role in Rural Local Self Government - Part 3    By: Lata Jayraaj

    Women's empowerment refers to process by which women acquire due recognition on par with men, to participate in the development process of the society. The 73rd constitutional Amendment have created space for women in political participation and decision making at the grass root level by providing that 1/3 rd of the seats are reserved in all over the country. >> Category: Women
  • Women Empowerment and Their Role in Rural Local Self Government - Part 2    By: Lata Jayraaj

    Empowerment is a multidimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives. It is a process that fosters power for use in their own lives, their own communities and in their own society, by acting on issues that they describe as important. Above all, empowerment is a result of participation in decision-making. >> Category: Women
  • My Dear Inlaws | Common Issues faced by a Daughter-In-Law after Marriage    By: neera ahuja

    This article is about inlaws , their thinking that Bahu is an alien who has come from differnt planet which is her parents home and she should be restricted in everything so that she dont feel too comfortable at her home >> Category: Women
  • 24x7 Baby Boss Ka Danda - Handling a Baby    By: neera ahuja

    This article is about the difficult job of a mom where she gets no salary for her duties yet she get something more than just a pay >> Category: Women
  • In Mom's World    By: Arathi B Narayan

    This is for all the women of substance who make this world a better place. >> Category: Women
  • Abortion - When I Did Abortion Teenager, My Feelings - Read!!!!!!!!!!    By: Mari Koivukangas

    My Abortion feelings, and little of my life. I hope thus read and when I write here, I hope it help me, with my feelings. I have now good life with my boyfriend but still abortion is in my mind every single day, it's not easy but I have to live. I hope really you read this because it's matter me of lot :) >> Category: Women
  • Permanent Hair Removal - Electrolysis Treatment    By: katherine russell

    You will see a lot of people who are looking for permanent hair removal systems and this is why there are two options that are currently available for this purpose namely laser hair removal and electrolysis. Specifically, laser hair removal is designed for darker hair to target the hair follicle with heat energy and kill it permanently. >> Category: Women
  • How Hair Growth Cycle Affects Permanent Hair Removal    By: katherine russell

    Having body hair that is inconvenient and difficult can ruin one's day. Scores of women have suffered the humiliation of it. >> Category: Women
  • How to Get Rid of Facial Hair?    By: Dave Information

    Facial hair can be very frustrating for women. Read on to know how to get rid of facial hair. >> Category: Women
  • The Common Causes of Missed Abortion    By: Dave Information

    There are many causes of missed abortion. The loss of a fetus from the womb of the mother can happen in various circumstances. There are some people who terminate the pregnancy because of various social reasons. >> Category: Women
  • Disadvantages of a Housewife Over a Working Woman    By: Dave Information

    Women who are housewives have many disadvantages over a working wife. Read on to learn about having a working verses a non-working spouse; pros and cons of each. >> Category: Women
  • How to Buy a Comfortable Bra    By: Dave Information

    A bra is an important part of the woman's lingerie. Read on how to buy a comfortable bra for yourself. >> Category: Women
  • Adult Female Hair Loss Problem - Causes and Treatments    By: Keith Conwell

    All over the world, there are adult female hair loss problem. This can be due to lifestyles, diseases and other factors. This kind of problem in women can be treated using new technologies in medicine. Here are some info about hair loss treatment. >> Category: Women
  • Important Considerations When Buying Ladies Handbags    By: Jane Lee

    For all women, shoes are an important consideration. However, ladies handbags are another concern to them. >> Category: Women
  • Are You a Woman Under Stress- Remove the Noodles From Your Head    By: chitira devi

    Although we live with lot of sophistication we are still bonded with heaped responsibilities . looking forward at this by itself brings great headaches . Today women's are no less than men's and hence they are care taker of children's, parents, husband, managing the house comparatively playing vital role in the office... >> Category: Women

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