Breast implants means enlargement of breasts through surgery which provides you more beautiful and proportioned figure. This is also known as breast augmentation. There are two basic types of implants such as saline filled and silicone gel-filled breast implants.
Most of the women go through this implant procedure in order to get the body into better shape though there can be many other reasons. Often single breast implants are used if the natural size difference between two breasts is very prominent. According to a survey of American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons after this implant, majority of women succeed in improving the quality of their lives.

Need for breast implants

As we all know breast size is an important feature of women's appearance, so if someone's breasts are not proportional to her personal ideal then doubts about physical charisma can occur. However, breast augmentation surgery can improve the attractiveness of women's figure and her confidence level as well. Women with small breast size often feel humiliated about their body shapes. By this surgery you can achieve prominent definition and curves to your body's outline. In this implant the shape and size varies according to your choice.


We all know that your beauty is the fuel of your confidence. When you feel uncomfortable about your body feature, it certainly hampers your confidence level. So by this implant women's confidence level goes higher. It has been observed that women who undergo this augmentation surgery usually report increased self confidence and self-esteem. Eventually it offers you a better social and business life. Sometimes due to some severe diseases like breast cancer or tumor, women need to go though breast surgeries and can recover their loss by this breast implant surgery. Not only that, this implant also offers you a wide range of clothing options which might not have been suited for you prior to the surgery.

Side effects

Other than these advantages, there are also some side effects of this surgery. This augmentation can cause loss of sensation. It might also cause pain in some cases. These effects are usually temporary. As no surgeon can guarantee you a risk free surgery, there is always chance of not having the desired shape and size after the surgery. After the surgery there is always a possibility of infection which might cause pain and wrinkle on the breast surface. Implanted material can get ruptured and cause infection. It may also cause capsular contracture which is one of the most common complications associated with breast augmentation. It is most common during the first few months and happen when the capsule contracts.

Breast feeding complications

If you are expecting a child, then breast implant is certainly not a good option for you right now because this may affect your ability to produce milk for breastfeeding. After the surgery you may experience changed sensation in your breast and nipples. Another disadvantage is that the implanted material may cause problem during mammography screening. If you have to run this test then go to a radiology center where specialized technicians are available. By choosing a qualified surgeon you can decrease the probability of having these risks and complications.

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