Those were the days a long long time ago when women inside our country were treated as a still creature whose emergence were only felt in the sense of burden of the family inside the people encountering rural mentality.The day has passed and the time has changed and the current scenario is totally targeted towards involvement of women power inside our country in almost all the fields of development. The credit for such a drastic change goes to the growing competitive market and the desire of being self established inside the minds of the girls inside our country.Consequently,a modern mentality has totally overtaken the backward mentality which ultimately resulted and flags of success has been hosted in most of the countries of the entire world by the rising stars of the women power inside India.

No any more extraordinary efforts has been taken by the Indian government to flourish women power but it is totally true to say that time is a medicine which ultimately worked and explored finally leading a way to success. It does not matter whether the sector is government or private but the extreme desire to be successful and settled inside the minds of the Indian girls leaded them to the path of success. Armed forces were the only untouched field a few years ago by the women in India but by the order of Central Home Ministry, girls were allowed to be recruited in such forces also.They were allowed all the essential facilities by the Indian government to enjoy their lives by permanent appointment with several other essential allowances too.During the course of time they proved their full patriotism reflecting their abilities to an extent which was measured at an excellent level.Sports of all the kind are also fully in touch of the Indian girls and they are continuously representing our country at the global level and winning the rewards consistently.

To sum up, it can undoubtedly be stated that to view the country at the first place inside the queue of well developed countries of the entire world, an eye of uniform talent recognition muse be there inside all the families of India.It does not matter whether the family is considered in the low class, middle class or the high class.But the actual fact states that the families inside our country must not have an eye which distinguishes between girls and boys.They must have a lot of love and affection towards their child and they must have a mentality to promote their internal desires to get flourished in the garden of success and thereby making India proud to be called as a developed country in the near future in which the roles of the girls must be noticed and counted.

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