A woman has varying roles in the society and the human life revolves around the woman. Though the world is said to be a man's world, the women are the ones who are holding the world firmly. In fact as the proverb says that behind every man's success, there is a woman. The women are the back bone for the society and so they lead the world in the right path so that their children are better. Women seem to suffer a lot in their lives, especially in countries that are either developing or not developed because of the various kinds of abuses and the fact that they are not given equal opportunities in every respect.

The many roles played by women in the society are as follows:

The role of a child:

The girl child is the one that suffers a great deal. There are many places in the world where the girl child is detected by various diagnostic tests and the fetus destroyed because the family does not want to be 'burdened' by a girl child. This is very rampant in many developing countries including India. There are various methods in which the government is trying to prevent this practice with stringent action on the places where these diagnostic tests called as sex determination tests are done. In fact sex determination tests have been banned in India.

Even after a girl child is born, there is discrimination in the family. The male child is made to study well and the female child is usually ignored. This is another discrimination that the girl child goes through. This not only has immediate draw backs, but also has a long term effect as the women are less empowered in society because of the decreased education that they have.

The role of a adolescent:

The girl child as an adolescent also goes through lot of troubles in terms of being the one who is discriminated in various situations. There are many women who also have to undergo a lot of teasing and also abuse in this age. The adolescent girl is a very vulnerable person.

The adult woman:

The adult woman has to cope with many disadvantages that a woman faces in the society. The woman has to face the regular taunting of the males in the work place and also when traveling. There are many men who try to abuse the women and the woman has to face these troubles and also overcome them. It is a tough task for many women and they try to back off from all these problems. Many women do not have a choice and they have to work and earn the money to take care of the family. This is a tough ask.

The women should be protected because they play a major role in the society. There are various countries that have legislation that women should have equal opportunity. Only a few countries give thought to these legislations. Women will start playing a major role in society if all these legislations are adhered to.

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