In times past, women mainly worked at home sewing and cooking and when there was a need for them to work outside the home, they took mild and less stressful jobs like helping richer folk with household chores and cleaning or office clerk work. Women also worked as salespeople and cashiers, having flexible work schedules to take care of their husbands and children.

Times have changed and women now take on jobs that were initially reserved for men. Women now work such jobs as engineering jobs, managerial jobs and even play football. This change of roles has affected marriage and family life of all women. Working women now prefer to marry late (if they get to marry at all). This change can be attributed to many reasons.

Time constraints

Lack of sufficient time is one of the reasons why working women marry late. Some women work two to three jobs at a time and so have very little time. They have no time to hang out with friends and men who might be interested in them and so never get a husband. Those who get men who are interested in them spend very little time with them and so the men do not stay with them. It is only when they realize they are growing too old that they stop and search for a husband, by which time they are already old.

Goals and ambitions

Working women also seem to have goals which they are working towards. They may want to work to attain a certain financial standing or a specific position before they think of marriage. Some get there early enough but others still have to wait longer than they think and so think of marriage quite later in life.

Men also have this idea that, working women will not have time for them and so do not consider them as marriageable materials. Working women are thought to neglect their families and concentrate only on their work and so most men will not want to marry them. This delays the marriage of many working women as it takes a lot of time finding a man that is interested in them.

Aggressive women at work

Working women are also said to be aggressive and violent. Due to the working conditions they are exposed to, working women are said to have strong personalities and are more likely to be violent. Additionally, they are said to bring the stress they encounter at work back home and so are less loving towards their families.

Advantage of late marriage

The advantage of late marriage in working women is that, they get enough time to realize their aspirations before marriage. Older women are also known to be more focused and know what they want in a man and so are likely to have successful marriages than younger ones. On the other side, a woman who marries late is likely to encounter problems having children. Women are medically advised to have their children before the age of 40.

Trying to give birth after that may not work or may result in complications. The solution to this problem is adoption. When a working woman is ready, she can adopt a child instead of having to have her own.

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