In today's modern society and world people have noticed that there is a change in human thinking and personal views. The most noticeable thing is that women have become more advanced and ready to except any kind of challenges put my the world against them. Not only taking care of the family but also helping they husband's in running a happy family.

Due to westernization it has educated them to move forward in life and to be independent. As westernization has taken a major role in our society and modern generation many cultures and customs have been affected. Women today are not only taking equal responsibilities of the family but also giving a rise to a new era. Today's manpower not only depends on men but women to, as most of the jobs today are for women because of they hard-work and honesty. Women are demanding for they rights and missing status and respect which they have lost long time ago. In today's world women a been given a lot of respect. In olden days women were in a bondage of family duties and responsibilities. Although the man was the head and the working member of the family women used to work more than that but they efforts were not noticed at all. Young girls were married to old men and had to take up a burden of a family at a very early age. They not let to go outside and work. As today women have taken to airhostess, teaching , in the army and navy etc not only being a mother but an independent lady. At times some women play a role of a mother and a father to their children. Martial arts has been a major self defense technique that women carry out these days. Due to many awareness programme's , posters and advertisements women are become aware of certain circumstances that they would get trapped in . Cases on sexual diseases women now are advanced in talking about it and sharing it with their partners.

Such changes take time and gradually has been developing over years and today we can see positive results . Rape cases and Dowry has been a problem for women but now they have almost over come . Before a girl was meant to work at home and education was not to be given but now a girl can stand on their feet's and educate themselves . Some of them have succeeded to great extent and become renowned names , some help they families in crisis and become independent mothers . Women are nowadays not only seen as a mothers and a housewife's but important assets to our country.

In the past women were knowing for sex just to run a families generation but today the world is shocked with they progress. Many of them have become successful T.V anchors, models and actresses. They role today are improving our countries financial status and reputation. Now both men and women are matured to take decisions to run a family and to balance their careers.

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The importance of women in this generation