ENTREPRENEUR: The entrepreneur is the person who performs an important role in development of economy. The country development is in the hands of the person who creates wealth and new jobs, invents new product and service and gets revolution of the society and economy. India is the country which has a flower full of entrepreneurs emerging from all areas who are making the country to grow through developed country. Unfortunately we drive in mind that entrepreneurs are driven by some motivational forces. Yes that assumption may be true for some extent. But, we can't decide entrepreneurs can't be made. They are large number of entrepreneurs who are identified, recruited, mentored and encouraged.

According to Dr.Ramazera Mazood "Entrepreneurs are arguably the most important factor in our economy, creators of new jobs and service and the revolution of society and economy.


Petrin defined entrepreneurship as a force that mobilize other resources to meet the unmet market demand, the ability to create and build something from practically nothing and the process of creating value by pulling together a unique package of resource to exploit opportunity.

"Entrepreneurship stands as a vehicle to improve the quality life for individuals, families and communities and to sustain healthy economy and environment".

There are two types of factors that push women to turn into entrepreneur and start business and pull factors that pull the women turn into entrepreneur and start business

PUSH factors:
1. Poverty
2. Unemployment
3. Need to have more cash
4. Income support the family daily expenditure
5. Children education

PULL factors:
1. Need for a challenge
2. Urge to try something on their own
3. Show others that they are capable of doing well in business
4. Family back ground
5. Recognized by the society
6. Hobby
7. Use of spare time
8. Family member interest
9. Social status

In his words APJ Abdulkalam "empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation. When women are empowered society with stability is assured. Empowerment of women is essential as their thoughts and their value system lead to the development of a good family, good society and ultimately a good nation. But women entrepreneurs in India are facing problems. The most general problems which a women entrepreneur faces is the non-cooperation from her husband (or) close family members majority of the time the family members do not motivate them. Besides they face other problems like mobility constraints, dual responsibility, low managing ability, risk bearing ability, lack management skills, less promotional ability, scarcity of raw material and finance are the another problem faced by the women entrepreneur. The standard of technology used by the women entrepreneur is qualitatively low; they are poor in technical knowledge transportation difficulties, improper power supply and telecommunication are some of the other problems faced by them. Marketing problem is the biggest problem faced by them. First women don't have general property on their own name to use that as collateral security for obtaining loans/funds from banks and other financial institutions, lack of education. In India 40% women are still illiterate is the root cause of socio-economic barriers. Women also countenance the conflict of performing of home role as they are not available to spend time with their families. Lack of confidence, physically powerful outlook, labour problems. One cause should be gender stereotype that reduces women self confidence, especially in male dominated technical field (JC MCarathcohoon), have no relevant experience than man (Stevenson) lack of professional interaction, lack of adequate training.

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