Although we live with lot of sophistication we are still bonded with heaped responsibilities. Looking forward at this by itself brings great headaches . Today women's are no less than men's and hence they are care taker of children's, parents, husband, managing the house comparatively playing vital role in the office. Women are totally busy no time to stand and bare time, so doing and doing all these works at one point freaks out..

Is there a way to get rid of this stress.? Indeed just follow the simple steps behind maybe too simple but still have great values of relief.

Yes of course women starts from the day break onward and till dawn keeps working, these are just like the Saturn rings around the planet Saturn women are surrounded by numerous responsibilities spot on their career. They get totally suppressed, depressed and at a time feels aggressive just like to flea out of the house somewhere. It is the peak of stress. But how to handle and get rid of it, just slow down your breath and just follow the given behind.

• Have a quick shower cool head bath, it release away the pressures of work tension.

• Have fresh fruit juice or fresh fruit salad or have hot black tea with a mint, gives fresh energy.

• Read short fairy tales., it gives you strength to believe in you that makes miracles.

• Have flowering plants at home, water it , it may water away your worries.

• See your early days photo albums, it bring great relief to you.

• Watch morning sunrise and evening sunset , it shows the responsibility to you. Brings great peace in mind and fill colors in your spirit.

• Listen to melodious music , let your bare foot touch the floor . It rubs the negativities in mind and bring forth positive energy.

• Sing song as you wish, it vibrates and release tension.

• Meditate and have fresh air of breath, brings calmness in you.
• Wash your hand, foot and face before going to bed for sleep , gives fresh lively sleep.

So all that is just a minute to work out and bid good bye to stress. Make it out and make magic in life with wonders

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