For the Fashionably handicap such as my self, I seem to have a constant "Dumb Struck" expression painted over my face as I gouache at what's in and what's out. When searching for latest trends and fashion gold-mines I seem to grow frustrated. It's not that I find fashion pointless, shallow, or a pollutant waist of fabric. I actually find fashion quite fascination. The detailed place on every captivating jewel, or complementing stitch carefully dictated and placed as canvass of elegance and beauty. Every piece of clothing weaved into a symmetrical pattern that outlines a man or women's curves is magical.

What boils within is the distribution of the such fashions. Runways and displayed mannequins are so narrowing, with futile creativity. I long to see an explosion of fabrics and art portrayed in the average ways of life. A high school student presenting in front of her peers, or an entourage of secretaries, accountants and advertisers angling themselves in distorted positions. The comfort of movement and cringing exposed as reality is displayed. Not a simple vertical statue sculpted to fit and dangle the drapes without life and character.

What would create a blank of comfort is to able to see the workings of the fabric, not the way around.
- Instead of runways and mannequins: Why not have a working office where its employees are modeling the within the working environment?

- Instead of a straight catwalk - Why not dance or power-walk through cardboards streets? ( Average way of life)

- Instead of displaying the clothes onto and expressionless model: Why not have them flow, and glow with natural born expressions.

The lack of imaginations in presentations of such beautiful master pieces will always revolve around the question. ( Will I be able to work in that?)

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an aspiring writer who enjoys to write about random situations that I and people such as myself deal with or wonder about.