The loss of a fetus from the womb of the mother can happen in various circumstances. There are some people who terminate the pregnancy because of various social reasons. This is called as termination of pregnancy. This is usually a voluntary act by the people who were instrumental in the formation of the fetus. Other than this, the couple may also have lost a baby because of traumatic reason and this is called as abortion. In fact, abortion has many different types.

Missed abortion is the kind of abortion that occurs without any reason. When the mother wants the fetus to be removed by a Physician, then it is called as abortion. When the fetus dies in the womb or when abortion occurs without any reason, then the terminology for that is missed abortion.

There are many causes for this and they are listed here.

1. Chromosomal abnormalities:

There are many chromosomes in each of our bodies. The fetus also has the same number of chromosomes, but there are times when the chromosomes may undergo mutation. This causes the changes to occur in the fetus. As the mutation occurs, the affected person may have an abortion occurring. This is because the baby with the chromosomal defect will have some abnormality and the nature prevents this by usually causing an abortion. This is by far said to be the most common reason for the abortion. Many instances where there are no other causes for the loss of the fetus, it is said that it could be because of the abnormality in the chromosomes.

2. Stress:

Stress is one of the other major causes of this condition. It need not be physical stress that causes the abortion to occur. Even severe mental stress where the person is really overworked could cause missed abortion to occur in some women.

3. Obesity:

Obesity could be one of the causes of abortion too. This si the reason for the woman to be fit during pregnancy.

4. Maternal infection:

There are many times where the woman who is pregnant may be suffering from maternal infection. This could be one of the major reasons for the person to have a loss of the baby. If there is any infection in the baby, then it can cause the fetus to die and be expelled.

5. Other causes:

There are various other causes for the missed abortion to occur. This occurs when the mother intakes a lot of alcohol or is a chronic smoker. Certain medications that are taken by the pregnant woman will also cause the pregnancy to end in a missed abortion.

There are times when there are no proper signs that signify that there has been an abortion, though many times there will be spotting or bleeding that occurs in the pregnant woman showing that the fetus has died.

Most of the missed abortion occurs in the first trimester of the pregnancy. This can lead to a lot less problems than if the abortion occurs later. This is because the mother will expel the fetus easily than later in the pregnancy. The missed abortions can be identified by doing an ultrasound scan or by routine clinical check up. Though it is a condition that is tragic, it may have been in your interest that the abortion could have occurred because usually the abortion occurs if the fetus is not properly developed.

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