Let us imagine about an initial stage of creation of the entire world by the almighty god. As the raw materials are needed for the manufacturing process to create a well finished product as an end product,similarly the almighty would have needed the same to manufacture a well finished human body as the final manufactured product. The God has created the different human body with different souls and physical constructions for the smooth running and functioning of the entire world but he would have not thought at all regarding the distorted mental status of the persons which can currently be observed. The distortion leaded to such an extent over the earth's surface which leaded the human mind to create a severe crime in the form of Dowry Deaths against the unwanted deadly monsters of greed and proud.

It is really a most frustrating and embarrassing situation for the newly married girls whenever she is tortured for the dowry demands. It really feels a lot shocking that instead of providing the necessary love and affection to the girl,they start torturing her to to such an extent which misguides the victim girl toward the black blind well of suicidal attempts. Advancement of the families does not at all means only roaming here and there with the ultimate luxurious cars and wearing the costly jewels. Only the external maintenance does not at all matters and it simply appears like the humid water above the surface of the lotus flower which do not at all has even the little bit of existence in its own. The actual feel of development and advancement can undoubtedly be noticed from the internal nature of the human beings. Being clean and clear from the depth of the heart without any dirty thoughts is really a gift of the god provided to the human beings. This glorious nature is provided to all of us above the earth but it is implemented by only a few of us at the ground surface. The heart in this sense can be imagined as the resource which may be utilized in the positive as well as in the negative senses.Positive implementation of the resources always exposes a positive mentality and negative implementation exposes a negative mentality. To look forward,it can be made clear that despite of being provided the soul,heart and mind as a valuable resource to all of us by the almighty, it is utilized in both the positive as well as in the negative senses. The human made created disasters in the form of DOWRY DEATHS are the most burning examples of the distorted mentality of humans following the negative implementation of the valuable soul,heart and mind like resources inside the body provided by the almighty God.

God created humans as the most intelligent species in his created world but the human beings proved themselves by developing such a kind of deadly thoughts. It simply feels nonsense whenever an accident related to Dowry leads to the deaths of the innocent girls. What are their faults ? Why they are being punished and tortured? Why they are being murdered? Whenever I use to study regarding such a severe crime related activities, a kind of anger originates naturally inside the body against the criminals. Marriage of the girls is really a lot valuable and precious activities and it feels like making the dreams come true for the girls as well as their parents. Parental care provides the girls with almost all the joys of the world so that even a single desire must not be left inside their daughter's heart. As per the capacities of their individual family status,they also finalize the marriage of their daughters in a well reputed,educated and renowned families so that even a single feel of terror and fear cannot touch their daughter.But, the down mentality does not at all depend upon the heights of the houses and lands to live in. Such a mentality can be observed in the minds of the people residing below poverty line as well as in the minds of the people having all the comforts and luxurious. Ultimately, the newly married girls in most of the cases becomes the victims of such dowry giants.

In a nut shell, I would like to finalize by transmitting a message to the Indian society to develop a feel of equality and positive thinking with the gentle wrap of love and affection towards the newly married girl. Being a human does not actually makes us a human but the habit of being clean and clear from the depth of the heart and keeping a mild behave inside the body towards other with the blessings of the almighty god makes us originally a human.All of us are the God's creatures with no any difference and hence such a deadly difference in the behaviour must not be originated inside us which leads to Dowry like severe offence.We must make our moral higher and must try to fully demolish such thoughts to make this world a heaven.

About Author / Additional Info:
This is Ashutosh Mishra appealing all the readers of this article to apply all their internal strength at their level best to stop such a vital crime from the society as soon as possible. Revolt against such an activity can be considered as the initial step for its complete removal.