Motherhood undoubtedly is every woman's dream. It is actually the beginning of a new chapter in her life.For nine long months she patiently endures and enjoys this new phase. She is excited and exalted ,but bit anxious too when she first time holds the tiny creature in her hands. She is happy that her long wait of months has ended finally. She is all set to start this new journey. Very soon she realizes that her life has changed beyond what she had expected. Going through sleepless nights and restless days,she finds solace in seeing the baby sleeping happily and smiling at her.She feels she is being paid for her hard work when she watches the baby grow step by step from one stage to the other.Her stress is relieved as she cuddles and plays with the little one. Very soon she finds that she is being recognised as the most important and special person by the baby and her joy is doubled as she hears the word "ma" for the first time. All the issues that were on top of her priority list take a back seat as her child's welfare comes first to her. It is like an instinct,the instinct of motherhood that starts working.This immense love and care come naturally to her. With coming years her responsibilities keep changing and her role as a mother becomes an integral part of her life. She wishes to enlighten the lives who have come to this world through her. The role of mother has often been compared to that of God's. As someone rightly said,"God couldn't be everywhere, so he made mothers".

This relation does not follow the rule of give and take. A mother finds pleasure in giving without caring for returns. Your love for her is her reward.

When I was only a daughter ,not a mother I could never understand my mother's concerns if they were in the form of directions or restrictions. But now when I am myself a mother I can relate with all that. I always have concerns for their health, for their habits,for their studies and above all,the values they will learn that will shape their characters. All great men in history had the influence of their mother on their characters.

My respect and love for my mother has increased and i better understand her feelings for me today.
It is the only bond that is as intense in animals and birds as in humans. A cow licks her calf lovingly when it is born. Birds work hard to get food for their young ones. Among humans too,whatever be the cast or creed, feelings of a mother are the same. A poor woman happily offers a portion of her meals if her child's hunger is not satiated. Sacrifices come naturally to her.

Motherhood is like a special gift that has been bestowed to us by the god. It gives us a reason to smile. It makes us more sensitive and caring. It teaches us new lessons each day.It tests our patience ,our perseverance. It poses new challenges too. But we don't like to complain.We feel blessed and happy for it.

Mother's love can be seen in her eyes. She doesn't need to explain it. She can only cherish it for the rest of her life.

If I try to frame her emotions in words, it would be somewhat like this.
"In the garden of my life, they are like flowers.
In scorching heat they seem to me like showers.
Just see them sleeping, they look like angels.
When dark, they brighten my world like candles.
With them I laugh, with them I cry
When I see them smiling my tears are dry.
Its fun to see them grow, to see them blossom.
Though not easy, motherhood is precious, is awesome".

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