I run towards the horizon and nothing can stop me.
I want to lose myself in the ocean; the sounds - to speak to it.
I was agitated, full of ardor, traveling the waves, modifying its colors at the rhythm of its moods.
A deep kind of worry, soft and transparent, voiding itself.
Each movement proof of its force.
Without anger, the ocean shows us its ability to modify our perceptions; a contrast between its fabulous energy and a fixed horizon.
The more I approached it, the more I heard it rumble and crash, but in its song I forgot myself and in its body I drowned.
I had come to seek answers to all my questions, and to all my doubts.
All my fears were put to rest, in the middle of all the noise...a silence.
The silence of spirit, an asylum for my soul.


The sun gave off silver reflections which danced on the waves.
She sat at the end of dike - the wind swept through her hair, annihilating it, becoming confused with the rocks.
Her glance dived into the deep blue of the ocean.
She felt like nature herself, which man deprives of its wealth and returns to waste.
The sky with its orange tints played upon enlarged waves.
She held still, her spirit wandered...
Memories of men who embraced her, the same men who betrayed her, the pleasure and pain of childbirth, the beauty of laughing children.
Her whole life returning to her memory.
Her tears are rolling down her cheeks like rivers flowing into the ocean.
Waves licked her feet, she did not move, hypnotized, as if at this moment, she and the world were on different roads.
When I walk on this beach, many years later, it is the precise place that I stop.
I gaze at the familiar horizon and the ocean lifts the dislocated marionette to catch her better in its arms.
Her and I are one on that beach.
Her and I frozen in time and memory.
Could I save her?
I did not move.

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