What does a woman want? This question has been keeping men on the alert for centuries, as they have always tried to find a key to a woman's heart. Many a times women are perceived as being a person with a complex behaviour and men find it confusing to understand their needs, but trust me they are the most simple to understand and are like an open book. You just need to know a few things about women, like they love being pampered(give them flowers, chocolates, gifts etc and you are sorted). Woman likes it when her guy compliments her,just leave her short lovey dovey messages here and there and that will bring a big smile on her face. Apart from hearing nice words from the partners, women also need to talk to them.Long phone conversations or chat messages would help. Just saying 'I love you' or 'I miss you' a few times a day would keep her happy all day long. Every women needs to be understood, especially by the man that she loves. A woman needs attention, a feeling of security from her man. She needs to feel safe and protected by the man she loves. All women need romance in relationship, especially in the bed. There is a difference between how men take sexual contact and how women do. Women want sex to be as romantic as described in books.

A man just needs to learn a few things about women like,
When a GIRL is quiet,
Millions of things are running in her mind..

When a GIRL is not arguing,
She is thinking deeply...

When a GIRL looks at you with eyes full of questions,

She is wondering how long you will be around...

When a GIRL answers "i'm fine" after a few seconds,
She is not at all fine..

When a GIRL stares at you,

She is wondering why you are lying..

When a GIRL lays on your chest,

She is wishing for you to be hers forever..

When a GIRL calls you everyday,

She is seeking for your attention...

When a GIRL sms's you everyday,
She wants you to reply at least once...

When a GIRL says I love you,
She means it...

When a GIRL says "i miss you",

No one in this world can miss you more than that...

These are a few simple things that men find difficult to understand but according to me they are the most simplest way to win a girls heart. An easy way to know women needs is that a man should look at things in a total opposite manner to what he would normally do as a guy.

God has made a Man and Woman totally opposite to each other,but as they say opposites attract and therefore they are meant to be together.

So for all you guys out there just understand all of what i mentioned and bang on your girl will be the happiest person in the world and will love you forever!

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an enthusiastic writer from Pune(India)