Entrepreneurship among women is an emerging recent phenomenon. It is the process of creating value by attracting together a unique package of resources to exploit an opportunity. Micro credit programme will empower women by strengthening their economic roles, increasing their ability to contribute income to family and giving them experience and self-confidence in the public sphere, exposer to income earning activities.

Women need credit for skill upgradation, training and entrepreneurial development.. The key lies in women empowerment through economic self-sufficiency and higher awareness levels on social, political and legal issues through mobilization.. Women Technology Park is making an attempt in that direction to make rural women self sufficient through various skill training programmes. The broad objective of Women Technology Park is to empower women with inputs of science and technology with a view to promote development and adaptation of appropriate technology, transfer of proven technologies and demonstration of live technology models to benefit women.

Some of the skill training programmes being delivered to women through the Women Technology Park are Food Processing, Home Care Products, Medicinal Plants Cultivation,Vermi Composting,Azola Cultivation,Nutrition Gardening,Paper Bag Making, Non Conventional Energy Sources,Arecanut Leaf Plates Making etc. Women Technology Park has been expanding its activities through skill development programmes to the rural women to have a better standard of living.

Training and Demonstration
The main approach was to create awareness and equip the women with necessary skills through practical training. The modules involved for different training themes are completely participatory in approach where all the trainees are motivated for active involvement in learning skills.

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