There is always a special bond between men and women. Men are different from women and this fact that they are not like each other has made each of the sexes to love each other. Though there is a great deal of liking for each other, there are times when the men do not like women. There is no great reason for that. Some simple reasons are the ones that cause the men to dislike a woman. There are a few reasons for that.

1. The woman in a cribber:

Women who keep talking negative things are a turn off for men. Men like the woman they like to talk of only positive things. When the woman keeps talking of negative aspects, then it causes the men to start disliking the person. So any woman who wants the guy to love her a lot should be careful as to what she says.

2. Do not talk of in laws:

Many women may have some issues with their in laws, but going on talking about it is not going to make any difference. To make sure that the in laws are not talked about, the woman should try to concentrate on other aspects of life. If the woman keeps talking of her in laws, then her husband may start slowly distancing himself from her. So the wife would do better than to talk of the in laws.

3. Dieting:

Women who keep talking of their health and fitness are also turn offs or men. Any woman should like to talk of various aspects of life and much more about the male. If the woman keeps talking about the fitness, weight loss and diet, then the male will not like it. Though men diet and exercise, they like to eat good food and when they hear women keep talking about diet, they do not like to hear it.

4. Work:

If you are a woman who is always concerned about your work and keep working all the time, then the male will not be really happy about it. You should be able to spend enough time with the male and also try to avoid too much talk about the work that you are to be doing. Also do not keep running for your work when your husband is waiting for you. This is another thing that puts off men.

5. Advice:

If there is one thing that men do not like, then it is the advice that women give. Many women have a habit of giving out free advice to their spouse or partner. This is a great put off for the men. Men like to be more independent than women because it is in their nature. So, if you are trying to tell him what to do and when to do or how to do things in life, then he may not want to listen to you. These small things can make major changes in the person and though he may seem to be listening to you, his mind may be put off and he will not be listening to you.

There are many other things that the male may not like to talk about or want their wife to do. These are some of the most important things that any woman should try to avoid as it will cause a great deal of discomfort.

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