This topic in dew respect to all the women who have gone through a lot of things in their lives. Some of their lives have been hell for them more than what other people have gone through . Its that due to educating them and spreading awareness that only some of the things have come under control. In our modern society a woman is seen independent humans shouldering equal responsibilities of the family and their careers along with men.

Women go through different problems in their lives such as Child marriages, Sati, Dowry, Human trafficking and Child Abuse and many more which we may not know much about. Some of these have affected their lives in a serious condition. The topic of child marriages have been continuing from the past till even now in some distant areas .In child marriages a girl under the age of fifteen is expected to marry a man who is much elder to her. At times these marriages are also to tie finanicial bonds between two families without thinking of the girl. These have caused severe problems to girls such as in giving birth to children and taking the burden of a family.

Another problem is Sati and Dowry which played an important role in their lives. Although Sati has been some what abolished but Dowry till carries on till today. Sati was a religious practice in which a widowed woman was forcefully or voluntarily had to burn herself on her husband's funeral pyre. But these days you hardly will see such practices. Whereas dowry is still practiced. In cases of Dowry girls have to pay a demanded amount asked by the groom's family (boy) before marriage. It still happens in today in arrange marriages, it gives a clean scenario that girls are a burden to their parents and are sold. Some of them after marriage have to live with a big joint family. Dowry causes a number of disasters in their lives such as ill-treatment, burning of daughter-in-laws, divorce and many more. Although laws have been passed against this but its still practiced without anyone knowing.

Human Trafficking is a major problem to women where young girls are kidnapped and sold and due to finanicial crisis in the family willingly a girl is set to do prostitution. Young girls are forced to do slavery and take drugs. Parents do not bother about what they go through because money is the main factor. Till now women haven't come out from such situations but have over come it. Rape cases have also become a serious issue for them, and their lives are always not secured. Due to education and awareness programmes an idea has been spread for women to take a proper step in their lives. Nowadays women have become advanced and above all can carry themselves everywhere.

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I am an author from Kolkata .