Women hope to look the best and try hard not to be plain Jane when attending a party or going out for a date. It is often to hear that the dresses you bought do not suit you without realizing it and only to regret about it when you want to wear it to a certain occasion. A good dress is a dress that can flatter you and makes you look even more beautiful.

The first thing you should do to pick a dress is by flipping through famous fashion magazines and websites that can show you the current trends and styles. You will be able to learn or find out what type of dress you are looking for while and this can make your shopping easier once you know you want. The colors for the Spring/Summer of 2010 are reported to be green-based such as turquoise and other colors as well such as pink, blue and brown.

The body shape and the dress

When picking a dress, you must choose one that suits your body type. Wearing a dress that suits your body type can simply make a pretty dress become gorgeous. First thing to do is to determine your body shape whether you have an hourglass figure or have a pear shape body. If you are pear-shaped, it is recommended to choose dress with heavy beadwork or fringe on the top of the dress to emphasize your top half. It is wise to choose a dress that can overflow your hips. Meanwhile, for those who look heavy on the top and small on the bottom can flatter your body by wearing v-necks and avoid wearing those with high necklines. As for the lucky ones who have the figure like hourglass, you can practically look good in almost anything you wear!

The quality of the dress

After selecting the type of dress that suits your body shape, you must remember to check the quality of the dress. Wearing a low quality dress will definitely be very unappealing especially going to formal occasion and will make you feel inferior to other guests. Make sure to check the fabric quality by feeling it. You also should try find out the manufacturing process of the dress and check the dress whether it is defected such as unfinished sleeves and check for any torn.

The good fitting dress

When you have finally found a good quality dress with the design you want, make sure the dress fits you perfectly which means- not too tight or too loose. You should feel comfortable and confident wearing it. The dress will not look good on you if it does not fit and makes you feel less beautiful. If such situation happens, you should find an alternative dress that suits u better or send the dress to get it altered by the tailor.

These are the few important steps when you are on the mission to find the best dress. Once you have picked the right dress, nothing else could go wrong! Groom yourself up and prepare to enjoy the event you are attending with full confidence.

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