Breast cancer is a common problem in many women. There are more women suffering from breast cancer than any other kind of cancer. This is mainly because of the lifestyle of the person and also because of the hereditary reasons. A person is more at risk of developing this kind of cancer if the family members have been suffering from the breast cancer. The disease should be identified very early because it is one of the conditions that can be identified easily. The affected person should make sure that immediate treatment is also initiated. This will ensure that the person is safe from the disease and the side effects. If there is a delay in the treatment after the identification or the diagnosis of the disease, then it can spread to various other parts of the body and there is a great risk of the cancer spreading to the other parts of the body. This in turn can cause the person to even have fatal problems.

There are various methods that can help in the breast screening. Contrary to the idea that people who are older than 50 should try to screen themselves for the presence of breast cancer, every person who has crossed the age of 30 or 35 should do the breast screening examination.

There are various simple tests and methods that can help to identify the cancer that can be treated to prevent complications. These methods are listed here.

1. Self examination:

This is the simplest and the best method that can be used to help prevent the complications of breast cancer. Any person who is older than 30 should use these methods. This includes the use of the hand to identify the presence of any lump. The presence of any sore on the breast or near the nipples that are not healing, should also be identified. This is a simple test that any person can do. Daily check or even a weekly check on a regular basis will help the person to prevent the formation of severe breast lesions because of cancer.

2. Mammography:

Though the self examination of the breast is a simple method, it has not been seen that it is very reliable. This is a problem that needs to be overcome. For this, the person should make sure that a regular mammography is done. This is a method of testing that can be done at any place that has this facility and the presence of any abnormal growth in the breast can be seen in this method. At least a yearly screening of every woman would be the best in identifying cancer early through this method.

3. Ultrasound:

This is another method that is not invasive and can also help in the identification of any abnormal tissue in the breast of the person. As the breast has some lesions, this can be picked out very early by the use of the ultrasound imaging. This is a very reliable method of having the cancer identified. So every woman needs to have this done on a regular basis too.

4. Other methods:

There are also various other methods that are less common, but are very useful in identifying the presence of breast cancer. Genetic screening is one of these methods. Other than this, magnetic resonance imaging and also biopsy are the other methods that are used in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

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