All of us are vulnerable to be attacked by criminals while walking home alone in night. Though crime is not limited to any specific gender but women are more likely to become target of thieves or outlaws because of the notion of lesser possibility to fight back. You can never say when you might be knocked down while walking in your neighborhood or coming out of a lonely parking lot. So, it is necessary for a woman to be prepared for self defense at anytime if needed. In this article I would explain you how to defend yourself from becoming a victim of crime.

No need to start stretching your hands and legs. Yeah, I am not going to give you any martial art lessons. The lesson which I am going to give is a much easier one. It is about using a taser. A taser is a small device which you can always keep in your pocket or purse. You can use the taser when someone tries to rob you or attack you otherwise.

A taser uses electric shock to immobilize its target. It disrupts voluntary control of muscles of the person who tries to attack you and disables him for a short period of time so that you can escape the mishap or seek some help. But once the taser is discharged, the target can slowly regain and move again. Tasers have a great range and can work from a distance of 15 feet. So, you can paralyze you assailant temporarily before they get close enough to harm you. It is a non-lethal device which can take great care of your personal safety.

Tasers are safe to use and does not cause any lasting harm. Being compact and ability to be concealed, tasers can be easily carried wherever you go. Endowed with these features, tasers make a perfect self defense device for safety-minded women.

Being prepared to fight back is always better than being robbed. Nowadays, personal safety is a subject of great concern as the world today can become wrathful in a moment's notice. Therefore, possessing a device that can take care of your safety is something next to necessity.

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