Women are slowly starting to claw into the tough corporate world. There are many women who are already comfortably settled in many high paying corporate jobs. There are many other women who are on the verge of breaking out into the open in corporate kingdoms. The empowerment of women is slowly taking place and over the past century, there have been hundreds of women who have taken over various roles in different corporate and also other businesses.

As a business executive, a woman has a great role to play where she has to go through times of intense working and other than that, if the woman has a family, then she has to take care of the family as well as complete the work in her office. This makes it very hectic for the female at times leading to a lot of trouble.

Role of women in business:

1. Family businesses:

For women who have a family business running, it is a little more easy because the business has already been established and this could have caused them to take over a established business and the initial hard work is not really present. In spite of this, they have to rally and work hard in the months after they have taken over the business to make sure that they are able to continue the business in its path of growth and success. There are very few businesses though that hand over the reins of the company to the women in the family.

2. Self made business:

There are many women who also have their own businesses that they have been able to build from scratch. These people have to go through a lot more troubles than the women who have the business handed over to them. This is because any business has to go though various phases of trouble initially and it takes a long time to build the business. The women also have to make sure that they are able to meet all the people who stand in the way to the business developing. The women have to overcome all these troubles before they are able to successfully make the business grow.

3. Small scale businesses:

The smaller scale businesses are better and easier to maintain as they have to have minimal ambition. A woman who wants to build a business empire has to do a lot more work than a woman who wants to build a small scale business and be satisfied with that business. There are many small scale businesses being started by women and they all have helped to bring out the entrepreneurial talent in the women.

These are the various roles played by women in starting and running a business. The role of a woman is that much more difficult because of the fact that traditionally, the woman is more responsible in the family and this makes her feel that she has to take care of the family including children and the husband, giving her very less time to concentrate on the business.

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