Some chicks will go to their grave wishing they had one, some go there trying to keep one, and still other women would die on the spot if anyone ever knew they had one. Yes, I am talking about "Hair Band" guys. You know, the angels who sing heavenly rock and roll ballads, while swinging that gorgeous hair to a perfect beat of the drum. The men that only exist on stage, to make you 'see' the music, as they slow dance to the guitar riff, appearing as if the words of the song are only for you, making you want to just cry. Okay well, snap back to reality, wipe the drool off of your face, and pay attention ladies. You guys too, if your looking for that special lady! You CAN have that man, or woman, and it can be super easy. Well, the looks part, anyway! If you want a sweet dancing, crooner, that part is on you, or your man, but the looks, yeah, there is help for that. The next best thing in making a real live "hair band" guy is Hair Extensions.

You read that right, I said Hair Extensions, as in the hair that you go and have placed in, along side your real hair, making it appear longer and fuller. Even if you have never even said those words before, let alone thought about getting them, extensions can be very easy and fun to get, and create a very dramatic difference in your appearance. Celebrities have been using them for many years, and now in recent years these beauty makeover items have now made it to the mainstream public. Soccer moms nation wide now have hair like Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, or Nicki Minaj, changing their length, texture, or color for any occasion. Nothing like wigs, no falling out of place, or embarrassing public moments, the extensions are placed within your real hair, and will appear to get longer as your hair grows, or until you remove or replace them.

At this point, I can almost bet I know what most of you are thinking. There is no way your man is going to get Hair Extensions tied into his head, right? You might be surprised! I thought the very same thing, my husband would, in no uncertain terms, let me know I was out of my mind for even thinking such a thought. Being my usual flirty self though, I logged on to Youtube, and began singing along to all the Heavenly Nineties Angels, like Jani Lane of Warrant, Bret Michaels and Rikki Rocket of Poison, and, of course, the legend, Jon Bon Jovi. I let it slip a few times how amazing their hair was, and how I could only imagine running my fingers through it. I think I even mentioned it was always a fantasy of mine to be with a guy from a band! Sneaky right?

Much to my surprise, my hubby mentioned getting Hair Extensions to me! I about fell out of my chair and onto the floor! Never in a thousand years would I have thought I would hear those words come from that mans mouth. You gotta know my husband, he is a mans man, likes guns, drag races a 1966 Chevy truck, turns wrenches for a living, listens to country music since he was a young boy, no modern day 'metro sexual' that is for sure. Dressing up is a nice shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. Add some cologne and now were talking black tie affair! Keeping his nails nice and trimmed is about as done up as he gets, and he does his own nails, NO manicures, out of the question. So, now you get my surprise at the mention of his hair being done, just not something I would have thought possible, ever.

After our conversation, I must say, I was intrigued! Would my husband look as hot as Skid Rows Sabastian Bach? Now that I could dig. Call it a mid life crisis, reliving a teenage dream, or just plain curiosity, but I wanted to know more. I am sure by now, if you are my age, and had a fascination with "hair bands", as I think at some point, we all did, then you are just a little interested too, if for nothing more then adding a little spice to life. If your not my age, and do not know what a "hair band" is, I will tell you, it is not what is used to keep your hair out of your face! Whether it be from Hair Extensions, or really great genes, "hair bands" are made up of some of Gods finest creatures, with heads like the manes on lions, and voices as sweet as candy. Every girl dreamed of dating a "hair band" guy, and every guy wanted to be one. And even though my husband can not carry a tune to save his life, I am willing to bet a bunch that he will look as amazing as those guys, he will just have to lip synch as I play my YouTube videos, then he will be a real live dream come true!

Together, ready to embark on a new adventure for both of us, we went online to research Hair Extensions. There are so many different lengths, colors, and styles. It was almost to much for a newbie, but after knowing exactly what he wanted, my husband was able to find a style that he liked. He made all the decisions himself, and actually was quite good at deciding on a fashionable look. We made an appointment with a stylist, and was on our way to a very hot makeover. Deciding to join in, I thought it might be fun to give my husband his favorite celebrity in return, in the shape of my best imitation, of course, and walked out looking a bit like a small busted Pamela Anderson (hey, new hair can't do it all!), on the arm of Vince Neil (sorry Tommy Lee, but blondes do have more fun) and we headed for a walk on the wild side!

All in all it was a fun, new experience with my husband, that had a very exciting conclusion. I can say I would recommend getting extensions to anyone wanting a little sparkle of feel better, or look better in their life. Those bad hair days are awful, but a great head of hair can always make you smile, and great Hair Extensions can make great hair days happen, every day.

About Author / Additional Info:
Justin Allen, Extension King's founder and owner, Justin Allen, has over 10 years of hair experience and 8 years of doing hair extensions.