Care when using eyeliners

Eyeliner is the most important piece of your eye makeup. It basically gives the eyes definition and makes them stand out. It can put a whole new look to your makeup depending on the type and way you wear it. Before buying eyeliners you have to keep some simple things on your mind. Always go for quality over quantity. Eye is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, so you have to be careful about the products you apply close to it. You can experiment with your eye makeup but for regular use choose a color that suits your personality. Also care about your comfort. You can choose between liquid or pencil eyeliner. Try out a basic brand to decide which one suits you better though you always have the option of upgrading. However, always choose waterproof eyeliners.

Different kinds of eyeliners

Nowadays varieties of colors (black, brown, grey, golden, blue, green etc.) and features (shimmer, liquid, pencil etc.) are available on eyeliners. Usually pencil lines are applied on the bottom lashes but you can use it on the top as well. In case of pencil eyeliners use silicon based liners because they glide easily and last for a long time. They come in all sizes and colors. Always keep your pencil sharpened, which will not only make it easier to apply but also remove the bacteria that might be on the pencil. Liquid eyeliners are typically applied on the top lashes. Mechanical eyeliners are very popular now and easy to apply. Creamer liners and powder liners are usually used for party makeup.

Tips for make up

Before applying the liners, apply the foundation or loose powder to the entire eye lid. You can also use makeup premier or eye-shadow premier instead of foundation or powder. Slope your head a little bit and keep your eyes half open so that you can see yourself while applying the liner. Always apply the liner on the upper lid from the inner side first and let the liner dry before opening you eyes. Extend the eyeliner lines depending on the look you want. For example: If you want to make your eyes look bigger then draw wider lines. But if you already have wide set eyes then put the liner along the lash line only.

If your eyes looked tired and droop, then you need to add vividness on your eye makeup. Use liquid liners with a soft touch of pencil liners as well. Try colors other than black and brown for this. Green, navy and charcoal liners seem beautiful on eyes and create a different look. You can also apply mix eyeliner lines with two liner colors. If you have dark circles then it would be better to apply the liners only on the top lashes. Using it on the bottom lashes will make you look more tired.

The best and important tip for applying eyeliners is that there is no fixed rule for it. You have to set your own tone according to your own choices that you think suits you best.

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