A housewife may feel happy at times that she can stay at home when her husband goes to work, but the truth is that there are many disadvantages of a housewife when compared to a working woman. The working woman may not go out to work, but she still usually is the person who does all the household chores and she also has to get the kids ready for school.

In fact, there are many women who are housewives and seem to be working all the day and finally, they do not get any money for all the work that they do. A working woman on the other hand does all the work, but is also able to get a salary that will help to overcome all the problems that the person has faced while working.

Some of the many disadvantages of a housewife over a working woman are as follows.

1. Lack of money:

The working woman is able to earn money on her own and so she is able to lead an independent lifestyle. On the other hand, a woman who is a housewife will not have money to spend and she has to be dependent on the money that is given to her by her husband for all her needs. This is one of the major disadvantages of a housewife.

2. Lack of recognition:

Though a housewife may be working all the time for the family by cooking, teaching the kids, cleaning the house and doing a lot of other chores in and around the house, she rarely has any recognition and is thought to be a person who is living off the income of the husband. This is a very common thought for the male who is the breadwinner of the family. He feels that only he is working and the housewife is not doing any work that is meaningful.

3. Lack of supplementary income:

These days, when the cost of living is high and the family, especially the children has a lot off needs in terms of education and other curricular and extracurricular activities, the parents need to earn as much as possible for the kids to be able to do well in education. When only one person in the family is earning, then the needs of the family is higher.

4. Frog in the well:

The housewife is caught in the daily routine and she is never able to relax or unwind. She also becomes the proverbial frog in the well and is not able to have an exposure to the outside world. She becomes more vulnerable because of this.

5. Risk:

If there is a risk to the breadwinner of the family, then the whole source of income is gone as the family was dependent on the income of one person. To make sure that this is not the case, a woman has to work. This is another disadvantage that a housewife faces when compared to the working woman.

These are some of the major disadvantages of the housewife, when compared to the working woman. In spite of this, the debate goes on and on because there are a few advantages of staying at home too. In this situation, there are a new breed of mothers who stay at home and then earn from the home.

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