Body hair can always make things better or worse for someone. Women have suffered too long from the persistent humiliation of it. Due to the many treatments on hair removal now days, battling inflexible hair has now become a breeze.

Before getting a hold of the idea of permanent hair removal, it is crucial to get the picture of how hair actually grows. The active growth phase, regression phase and the resting phase, respectively govern how hair is grown. Hair is removed effectively and permanently only during the active growth phase.

Each strand does not have the same growth cycles. However, at any time, a majority of hair follicles are in the active phase. Each growth stage can take anywhere from two to six months, depending on the person.

In order to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, one should pay attention to two vital criteria. The phase when the hair will be removed and the power to actually kill the hair follicles is what one should look into. Both factors must be considered in deciding which hair removal system is best for you.

The first essential permanent hair removal factor is that stubborn hair must be taken out completely from the follicle during the active growth phase. Many methods of hair removal now are able to perform this condition but shaving since this only removes the hair above the follicle. Getting the hair follicle out when it is in its growth stage, permits a wider time between the next hair growths.

Knowing the efficiency that the process will really wipe out hair follicles is one other factor that should be looked into. The only two removal techniques that fulfill this factor are laser and electrolysis. Damaging the hair follicle will completely do away with the hair growth.

Several treatments of electrolysis hair removal and laser hair removal must be completed because hair follicle is destroyed only during the active growth phase. Due to the differences in stages, some follicles may already be in the regression or resting phase when treatment is going on so repetition is done to ascertain that these follicles go back to the active growth stage before they are destroyed. Having a high turtleneck for the procedure is very important since most of the time it takes around four to six visits until all hair follicles are removed.

The light of the laser penetrates follicles, where it is converted to heat that kills them. With each session, thousands of hair follicles are destroyed. Based on many tests, it is seen that this procedure will work well on fair and dark hair or those coarse hair too.

Electrolysis hair removal is a tedious process as it utilizes a tiny metal device that directs an electrical charge to one hair follicle at a time in order to disintegrate it. It can take up to ten months to be rid of all the unwanted hair with this method. Furthermore, ten months of sessions adds up to extreme cost.

The success of hair removal will greatly depend on the amount of knowledge that one has on the hair growth cycle and the many treatments that are out in the market. Many questions and fact finding still needs to be done in choosing a specific permanent hair removal treatment. Whatever the process undergone, what is relevant is the outcome in the end.

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