March 8th is women's day. Every year this day passes by, we all will speak about women, praise her, honour her, and give away the awards. But what are we really doing for her safety? Day by day we are getting much news in any form which shows that crime against women is increasing. Crime against women can be any of form both physically and mentally. It can be rape, eve teasing, sexual harassment etc., Acid attack..

There may be n number of ways of crimes happening against women, but at the end of the day it is women who suffer a lot, and along with those women, a family suffers a lot.

Whatever the crime may be, the only thing which is still a great question mark is our attitude and the way we handle this problem.

Usually in our place, if there is any problem for our fellow friend, we all will get united and fight for him whatever the problem may be for e.g... if one community person's gets attacked, his entire community will get united and fight for him. Why didn't it happen in case of crime against women? Why is it we are not fighting as a nation for women?

It really happened when Delhi gang rape took place. But the point is we have to make sure that momentum is still there with the people. We irrespective of caste, status and gender should fight together to work towards the safety of women.

What can we really do to ensure the woman is safe on our society?

Sex education: Many girls are being harassed without any knowledge on what really is happening. Some times this paves the way for the accused to get acquitted from his charges. Basic sex education for both girls and boys should be provided which will help them to understand what exactly is happening both mentally and physically.

Punishment: Strong punishment should be awarded to the persons who commit crime against women regardless of the age. Unless and until there is not strong punishment, it is certain that crime will continue

Trails: Once a woman goes to file a complaint against her harassment, she should be treated with dignity both in police station and in the court during the trials taking place. And our legal system should function in such a way which ensures that these kinds of cases are being tackled, judged properly and quickly.

Gender: When the parents bring up their child, there should not be any gender difference. They should treat both their male and female child at par and should provide equal opportunities in all aspects of their life.

The above said points alone will not stop the crime against women, but it will help to prevent or may be reduce, there are also many steps which we can take as a nation to prevent these kind of crime.

Once the Girl is being harassed, a moral support is always needed. There should be a counselling session with a professional psychologist which will give them strength to face the world again. They should be provided with a support to lead their life in normal way.

A woman is a human being, who is also a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, a lover and a she too has desires. She also has goals both professionally and personally which she can achieve and there are many examples like Kalpana Chawla, Indira Nooyi, and many to prove that.

All that she wants is Respect and safety. We don't want to worship or pray women, but treat her with dignity and give her a space to grow. She is not an OBJECT she is more than that ,you cannot realise it until you start respecting her

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Hi Just shared my views on women and her safety.. have a look and let me know ur comments