Begin your day, you witness your mother cooking breakfast for you or your wife getting your dress ready or your sister packing up your bag . It has been rightly said " School begins at home " . For girls rather i should say "women" , the 'Management School' begins at home . They are trained to be a good homemaker which knowingly or unknowingly makes them good at managerial qualities .

The essential qualities of a manager are capable to motivate , leadership ,persistence and humble enough to lead a group . Women are more efficient at soft skills too such as communication , presentations etc . Also they encourage and inspire their colleagues more as they are more receptive and appreciate talents . Women leaders are generally more praised as compared to men because they work for the organisation rather than individual benefits , encourage team work and are less bossy than their male counterparts.

The emerging examples of women participation and emergence as leaders are Chanda Kochar , ICICI president , Indira Nooi , Manager Pepsi, India , Christiana Leggards , Chairperson , IMF and many more . They have not only revolutionized the Management of their respective disciplines but also paved the way for Women leadership in several economically and socially crucial sectors which once belonged to be the empire of men .

The scientific facts also support the fact that women can prove better managers . Man has a brain 10% more in size to woman but woman has more nerve cells in some brain parts which enables efficient signal transfer between left and light portion of brain . This makes them good at multi- tasking , memorizing facts , better decisioning .

Studies also state that women are more risk averting than man . So , a woman's chances of making a wrong decision are quite less than a man . They come to a position of manager after going through greater hardships than man . As a male dominated staff restrains from accepting woman as leader . As "High temperature and pressure refines coal to gold " similarly a woman getting to managerial position goes through all the hardships that make her the best choice for that place .

In Philippine , woman participation is as high as 47% in managerial positions , we have skewed ratio as women literacy rate itself is much poor in India . We need to encourage women education and try to empower them to increase their contribute to country's economy . This will be the best way of generating employment , utilizing potentials , enhanced GDP .

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