24x7 BabY BoSS Ka DaNda

Being a mom is a 24x7 job, with no monetary income or reward, just the judgement of your performance.You are demanded to be available at any point of time and this is the only job where your availability even at midnight doesn't offend you..Your boss is your baby , the expression on his face judges how efficient mom you are.This boss calls you by his cry and give you break when he is sleeping or playing with himself.Your award is his good health and your income is when he smiles at you. He shows his criticism on you when he is crying for long and you are not able to calm him even with your most sincere efforts. This baby boss smile make all you mommy dear happy, and make you feel in heaven.Your boss is totally dependent on you, trust you as he has no option but to trust you.When he is breast feeding you feel the luckiest mom in the world.and when he relaxes in your arms nothing more can give you immense satisfaction than this.

List of duties with your baby boss is-

1. Breastfeeding him when he is hungry.
2. Making him sleep with no disturbance around, otherwise this cute little boss will wake up and show his lovely anger with his wonderful cry.
3. Making him calm every time
4. Giving him a wonderful massage on his arms, legs, tummy and every part of his body. You make sure that when you message this little -tiny boss of yours he is happy, massage and bathing time should be enjoyment time for you and your baby.
5. Giving him a happy bath
6. Making him do pee.
7. And last but not the least changing his nappies so many times a day, this boss really don't like to be wet for long time so due attention is required for his sweet little hippy I mean hip.

Your baby is the most difficult boss in the world, with no words to say he want you to understand his dumb language and fulfill his requirement and need .Hmmm... ya, he has one language ,a language of cry by which he tries to make you understand what he want and when, and within a span of time you start understanding his language of cry.

You know your baby is the luckiest boss in the world as he has got an employee like u , no no no..... sorry, actually a personal secretary like you, which pays all the personal attention on her boss, and take care of his personal requirements.Its only this boss when he cries loudly you don't get irritate even in the mid night, you just want to hold him in your arms to make him calm , love him by caressing him and kissing him. Hey, lucky baby receiving so many kisses of a beautiful women,,yes after becoming mommy you become the most beautiful and wonderful women in the world.The charm comes in your face after becoming a mother which enhances your beauty.

Your income is when your baby happy face expresses " I love u mom" " you are the greatest mom in the world who can take care of me well, I trust you totally"

He is the boss but you are his first teacher , and just like nobody forgets his or her first love ,he also can not forget the teaching of her first teacher and its you who develop his mind, and body at this early stage so be the best teacher and nurture your child well, just like you water the plant to make bud transform into a beautiful flower , nurture your child to become beautiful human being.

Your baby is a wonderful boss as he stats entertaining you after 2 months when he passes his first smile on you, he coos at you, want to talk , and move his arms and legs in a more proper movements.
Hey mommy since the enterance of your baby in your tummy this boss starts taking all your attention. And you can do everything in this world to make your baby boss happy.When he is inside you ,you take care of your diet,and try to be happy so that he is healthy inside.When he is out in the world you take care of him by protecting him from infections and diseases and giving him all the necessary diet and precautions required and till he grows up and become independent enough to take care of himself,you perform your duties very well.

This is the only boss who gives a real smile on your face when you see him.he is your toy, you play with him and entertain yourself by his activities.when you are tired of household duties just come to him his face will relax you, and not only you but all the members of the house get relax when they see YOUR baby, yes it makes you feel proud that your baby is giving smile on other's face.

When he starts growing he want to talk, he now want to understand and communicate in a language that is acceptable in the society and you are his first teacher to teach him that language. He wants to walk and its you who help him and give him enough confidence to walk not only these few steps at home but also the walk of his life facing all difficultes.

This boss of yours is totally dependent on you and trust you ,so be his best teacher in the world.
What a wonderful job all you mommies do. So Mommy Dear HATS OFF To You

Happy Mothers Day in advance celebrate it with your tiny little bosses.

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