When we look around to examine what is happening in the Indian Social scene, we find that most women do end up with unmatching life-partners and ill-suited marriages. Can we express that men are falling down qualitatively in the grade? For many years, the Fair Sex was confined to the domestic activity inside kitchen. Now, they fare better in education and find jobs that give them enough in life and consequently, there is a benefit to the family also into which they are married. Women, in fact have not become a separate warring group. Their performance in the job-sector is a boon for the economics of the country in view of the Indian family-structure. It is not justified to sketch a negative portrait of a woman. She is now an asset to the family in that she has become a bread-winner too for the family. In the other cases, she supplements the income of her husband and thus raises the general standard of living of the family. There is a general increase in the buying ability of Indians and the contribution coming from the women is a noteworthy factor here.

People may remark wryly that conclusions have been worked out basing on urban considerations. But, it should be observed that the number of women working in the villages is more and morsels of food will go into the mouths of children, much due to the good work of the women. The number of unresponsive men is more when compared with women and the number of alcoholic men squandering money is also woefully more.

The traditional family roles are changing and women are not simply fed and kept as decorative pieces. They go to the work-place and they also shoulder their burden equally as men without uttering a syllable in complaint and they go all about in a total adaptation to their role of being an earning member of the family. But for them, the standards of living have not been improved and many material things would not have found a market in the country.

But, do we accept the Indian social realities and concede the deserved prominence to the woman who has so far been out of the social reckoning? For men, it is difficult to bring in overnight changes in their mind-set. There used to be clearly-defined social setting men and women apart and it may be a little while when we can purge our minds of the notions which have been set for ages

About Author / Additional Info:
The author is a retired Principal of a Degree College and a Lecturer and is presently extending services as a Guest Lecturer at Colleges.