Equal opportunity for women is a very important factor. There are women in equal numbers in the world and they still do not form a quarter of the working force in the world. Women have always been considered good for house work and kitchen work. Women are also thought to be meant for giving birth to a child and to take care of the family.

The above thought is very true in the culture that is developing. There are many parts of the world where women are even considered as slaves. All these needs to be changed for the women in the world to be empowered and for them to have equal rights as men do in the world. There are various factors that hinder this development of women and they have to be addressed in the proper channels to make the women be empowered again.

The various factors that play a role in hindering the development of women are as follows:

1. Women themselves:

The women themselves are a great hindrance to their development. The reason for this is that women from the older generation hinder the growth of the women in the younger generation by restraining them inside the house because of their belief that women should be inside the house. This has made women in parts of the world to be servants and slaves in their own homes.

2. The society:

The society also considers that women should be inside the house and they are under the women. This prevents the women from getting equal opportunity or equal pay in the work that they do. The various stereotypes in the society and the fact that women in societies that are bound by shackles because of religious sentiments are the ones that decline providing equal opportunity to women.

3. The men around the women:

The men in the family also act as a barrier fro the growth of the women. There are many men in different parts of the world who are a great hindrance because some of the women consider the women as a threat to their own existence, freedom and jobs. It has been proven that women are far more intelligent and emotionally stronger than men. This has made men fear the women could outsmart them.

4. Religious beliefs:

Another very important factor for the women in not getting equal opportunity as men is the religious beliefs. Almost every religion from Christianity to Hinduism and Islam has made women to be under the men. These religious beliefs have made the women to be at a disadvantage and many men take these as an advantage. This has prevented women from getting equal opportunity in education, jobs and various other activities.

These are some of the various important reasons for the women not being able to get equal opportunity in the world. All these factors can be modified only slowly and these should be considered to be a priority and all governments should try to bring in legislations that provide for equal rights in employment and education for women too.

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