Women have always been crime targets, it has therefore become necessary for every woman to know some truths about self defense. Self defense is about how to protect you from being the victim of the crime. Most women will do all in their power to stay away from situations that may take a violent turn, But there is always the chance that violent behavior can occur, whether you expect it or not. You need to take steps to counter any violent attack on you.

Women have always been considered the weaker gender that may be the reason why most of the violent crimes are against women. All women live with some level of risk for violent attack, ranging from mobile phone snatching to rape. Most crimes against women are perpetrated by people close to them.

1. It is easier to attack a woman walking alone. Records have shown that most women crime victims were attacked when they were alone. Criminals find it easier to attack a woman who is alone than in the company of someone else. Always have company when you have to go out to a quite place or go through a lonely path.

2. Most crimes take place at lonely places. It is easier to attack women on lonely paths. When a woman is attacked at a lonely place, it is difficult for the person to shout for help, she may not get the help even if she shouts. Avoid walking on lonely paths, use other alternative routes or take public transport.

3. Using flashy cars and clothes opens you for attack. One thing women need to know about self defense is that Women driving big expensive cars or wearing expensive clothes are seen as rich people and are more prone to robbery attacks.

4. Everything at hand can be used as a weapon for self defense, a pen, your handbag, your jewelry, earrings, shoes can all be used to defend yourself. Learn how to use these as defense tools.

5. Every woman needs to know basic defense skills such as martial arts. These teach you how to move your body in case of an attack and attack your attacker.

6. The basic command words are important tools in self defense. Words such as Stop, No, Get back may send away an attacker.

7. Women should not stay secluded with a stranger. Most women think a potential attacker should be in dark dirty clothes with a long beard and so on, but this is not always the case. A well shaved, nice looking man is a nice suit can turn an attacker.

8. Know the emergency numbers of the major security forces and call them anytime you feel you are in danger.

9. Be aware of your environment. It is wise to avoid wearing headphones or reading when you are alone because that will lessen your awareness of what is going on around you and make you become an easy target.

Self-defense is not martial arts or judo, neither is it learning how to shoot a gun. Self defense is basically knowing how to avoid situations that put you at a risk of attack, the techniques that can help keep you safe and sound.

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