Dear diary,
I do not know what is wrong with me these days.I seem to be falling in love with a new guy every week. I never have the guts to go and speak to him and then I get bored of him.Whenever I see a happy couple, I feel all that love is superficial and they are going to break each others hearts pretty soon. I am not a sadist but I tend to be pessimistic in matters of relationship.

Paulo Coelho has said in his book Brida that the human soul gets divided into many parts after death and each soul takes a new human form. If these souls get reunited, then they achieve salvation. That is how the concept of soul mates came into being. According to this theory, a person can have more than one soul mate. Coelho also says that when you spot your soul mate, you can see a bright light in his eyes.This is called love at first sight. All this sounds very cheesy and romantic but hardly believable. In this book, Brida finds two of her soul mates and for a while I almost wanted to believe Coelho's theory. I kept looking for that bright light in all those guys on whom I had a crush. Unfortunately, I could not even seen a LED light.

In India, the concept of arranged marriage is still largely popular.Some people might be skeptical about it but statistics show that arranged marriages are mostly successful but then again it could be because we Indians have been taught to adjust to every thing.We are afraid of what the society might think of us if we get divorced. Well I personally feel that there is no point in staying in a bad relationship. Some people also say that they stay in a bad marriage for their kids' sake. This also I feel is extremely wrong because the child ends up feeling guilty for ruining his parents' lives.On the other hand, many people who opted for arranged marriage are very happy in their relationships. So it is not a question of whether to opt for love marriage or arranged marriage.The question is whether we can find true happiness or we have to make do with what we have.

The concept of dating is quite new to India but it is slowly becoming popular.Not having a boyfriend in college means either you are a nerd or you are boring.Like jeans, every girl seems to be having one arm candy these days.My friends say that I should also go out with guys too but I never seem to find the right guy. Whenever I feel that I have a crush on someone, the concept of true love and soul mate comes to my mind and I feel that this might not be the one for me. The big question is how to find the one. By the way, looking for bright lights is certainly not one of the means to find your soul mate.

I practically grew up watching Bollywood movies and the Bollywood concept of love seemed very appealing to me. I used to think that when I find my guy, I will start hearing imaginary violins and then it will rain and my umbrella will blow away with the wind. My guy will catch it and then he will come to return it to me. Our eyes will meet and it will be love at first sight. Then we will go to Marine Drive and watch the sun set. That certainly seemed to be a good way to fall in love until the new age Bollywood movies changed the concept.This new type of romance was more subtle and believable. After watching movies like Wake Up Sid, subtle romance became more appealing to me. Being friends with a guy, staying with him in the same house, having common interests and a lot of differences and then realizing that you are in love with him. Wow!That sounded more romantic and exciting than love at first sight.

The concept of true love, though unbelievable, gives me hope and hope makes me happy. I do not know how (or if) I will meet the guy of my dreams but I will always hope that it will happen because we all have a right to be happy and live the life that we want to live. I will be hoping to hear those violins and make sure to carry an umbrella.

Yours lovingly,
Hopeless Romantic

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