As for now the world has changed a lot and a person's thinking have expanded on marriages. For a couple who is in deep love , a marriage is a life time commitment.

In olden times marriage played an important role in a family. There are two parts of marriage , arrange and love. Both of these start on a different scale. In arrange marriage two people are strangers to each other, its that their father or some far relative brings out a marriage proposal for them as the girl and boy have come of that age or might be a family friend could have brought such a proposal. In these cases the girl or boy has no say in it and no one wants to know what's they wish or are they interested in it. Well nowdays things have changed a lot where individuals look for they own match by falling in love. Arrange marriages are not so bad at all and less chances of divorce occurs but it takes time to understand a person and love does not happen at a click of the finger's after marriage. In arrange marriage both are from the same background as it has to have a little cultural affect in it but as times are changing these too have also. In the past arrange marriage used to take place and the couple had to stay with their in-laws or in a joint family. In this case freedom for both husband and wife was not there and interference from family members would take putting pressure on the relationship but these days although arrange is takes place and as it a modern generation the spouses would love to spend time with each other by staying away from a joint family and making a nuclear family of their own.

On the other side is love marriages which are common these days and might be some families do not agree to it but it happening at a fast and rapid speed. In this kind of marriages the boy meets the girl or the girl meets the boy, falls in love and decides to have a family of their own. Love is legal for everyone one, as everyone has they rights to choose their life partner. In love marriage two people fall in love and decide to live with each other. Both heads and brains are put together to take decisions and solve problems together. Everyone falls in love no matter before or after but love is apart of life, some do realize it a bit late in life. Love should be from both sides not from one as it requires both human thinking. In a relationship both people must be open in they thoughts and share with each other for this grows a stronger bonding between both and that's what you can call a relationship . Well there are some disadvantages in love marriages such as divorce, compatibility is not that strong . In love marriage people might marry because they just want to, nowadays live-in-relationships are very frequently happening in which two individuals or human beings search for love and want to know more about the person they want to live their life with but at times these do not work out. In love you must let your family know about it so that they will help you when you need them a lot.

In respect to both these marriages created by god just to let each one know that each of them have they own moral values of thinking between right and wrong and both have they own set of lives they live in .More than what as the world is changing the thinking of people and independency as taken a great height.

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I am here to share a personal view on what i think about marriages