You might be having problems when it comes to facial and body hair and when it comes to this you can go for laser hair removal and electrolysis procedures for permanent hair removal. If you consider to go with laser hair removal, it makes use of heat energy to kill the hair follicle, this works with dark hair. It is important that the hair be treated in cycles and this is why you need about six treatments when it comes to laser hair removal. In the cases of blonde, red, or grey hair, this might not work as well. You can use electrolysis to treat light colored hair. A procedure like laser hair removal is best for dark haired people regardless of their skin tone. Depending on your skin tone, there are different kinds of lasers that might be used when it comes to this.

The purpose of the lasers is to target the skin more specifically the melanin and pigment in it. If your skin is not meant to be exposed to a particular laser type, you could be in a jam. Some people opt to use topical anesthetics to avoid feeling any pain during their laser hair removal treatment.

Compared to electrolysis, laser hair removal is definitely more affordable. Via needles inserted into every single hair follicle, an electrical current is used to kill them off in electrolysis. Plenty of hard work goes into electrolysis and this is why it is not ideal for large areas of the body. It is a known fact that laser hair removal should never be used if you need to remove hair in areas that are near the eye socket. To be safe, choose the electrolysis treatment for eye work.

One procedure, laser hair removal, feels a bit like having rubber bands snapped towards your skin while it is electrolysis that feels a lot like needle pricking. You need about 30 visits to get your desired results when it comes to electrolysis. It is only required from you to get 7 treatments if you decide to go for laser hair removal.

A quick way to rid yourself from unwanted hair is through laser hair removal. Electrolysis cannot be accomplished in minutes. Individually treated are the hair follicles when it comes to electrolysis. Because of this, even small areas of the body need more time for treating.

It is important for the type and color of your hair to be taken note of when it comes to these procedures. When lasers are used, they cannot detect blonde, grey, or red hair and so these are better treated with electrolysis. With the exception of the eyebrows, you can undergo laser hair removal treatments for virtually every part of your body and this is because of the innovations in our modern day and age.

It is normal to experience swelling, redness, and the sensitivity of the skin after a laser hair removal procedure. Electrolysis can be done improperly and if so this can be the cause for permanent skin discoloration. Those with dark hair are better off undergoing laser hair removal as this is much safer compared to the electrolysis treatment.

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