Facial hair is an irritating and very frustrating problem that women face. For the men, facial hair may make them look manly and for many men, it is a fashion statement too. Some men port beards and moustache. There are different kinds of these beards that men find it characteristic in their appearance. As far as the facial hair of women is concerned, the women are not able to have a nice look with the presence of hair on their face. This robs them of the feminine look in their face.

It is very important that the women try to remove the hair from their face. There are some natural methods that can be used to remove the hair. There are certain important criteria too. The hair that is removed from the face of the person should not be removed in such a way that it leaves a scar behind. The method of removal also should not make the skin rough as this too will look unfeminine. To overcome this, there are several methods of removing the facial hair.

The facial Hair can also occur in various areas of the face. The most common area is above the lips, but the eyebrows of certain women also have a lot of hair and this too should be removed. It is very important for the women to have their hair removed as much as possible. Some of the very natural methods in which a person can remove the facial hair are as follows.

1. Plucking:

As the name of this method indicates, this is the method in which the person just plucks the hair from the face. This is a raw method where the pain is very severe. This is also a very tedious process because of the fact that the hair has to be pulled one by one. So, unless there are very few hairs, this process cannot be used.

2. Threading:

This can also be a painful process. This is the method that is usually used to remove the excessive hair from the eye brows. This can also be used for removing other facial hair. This is also painful if it is done by an inexperienced person. An experienced person will be able to do threading in a less painful manner.

3. Waxing:

Waxing is a method in which the person is able to remove other kinds of facial hair. This too is a very painful process. The method in which the hair is removed is that the person applies a thin layer of hot wax on the surface of the skin. Then the layer of wax is removed and all the hair also comes off along with the wax.

4. Lotions and creams:

There are various kinds of lotions and creams that can also be used on a regular basis to remove the facial hair. Some of the creams are mild and do not cause any reaction. These should be used as much as possible. This is because they are safer, especially on the skin of the face.

There are a lot of precautions that need to be taken when removing the facial hair. Since any blemish or scar that is left on the face can cause the person to have a permanent mark, great care should be taken to remove the hair on the face of the person.

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