The current edge of development is concentrated towards the search of all the competent talents who can undoubtedly lead the world to the peak point of success.It is not a matter of fact that wheather the desired talent is in the form the soul inside the body of the boy or inside the body of the girl but the the current developmental scenario is in the demand of such a kind of god's creature who can prove best in the particular area and ultimately lead to the key point of success.

Girls cannot be set aside now-a-days in any of the fields of development of the country.It was the story of past when they were treated as a burden for the family.However,it cannot be totally true for almost all he families of our country.The people who have and who had a regard and respect for the god's creature by the grace of whom a girl has taken birth in his/her particular home,always treated them as a bless of god and provided them all the essential facilities for decorating the childhood of their daughter.It is being maintained today also for the broad minded family because all the families who have an emotional eye to view their daughter as a delicate flower of rose provides their daughter with all the essential love,emotions and blessings so that the parental love and affection cannot be differentiated in between the son and daughter.May god provide such a kind of feeling to all the families of our country so that the dirty eyes of hate towards the birth of girls can be fully destroyed. Nothing is there to be differentiated in between boys and girls.Ultimately,girls are really a gift of god who have a different kind of patience inside them.They are almost highly ambitious,highly respectable,highly polite and very much obedient and honest towards their parents and other respectable members and such a nature of honesty inside them lead the girls to the path of success.

We are currently in the 21st century and this does not mean that we should forget all our cultures,respects and values. It is really very much shocking to state that most of the families either in the remote areas or in the developed areas are continuously inside the grip of the dirty superstitions and dirty mentality.This can be justified in the sense that several families all over India demands a baby boy from the newly married girl so that the boy can lead their families in the next generations and the boy can carry out their businesses smoothly.This seems really very much shocking that such a kind of dirty mentality is still in existence in most of the cases and if by chance a girl takes birth in the home then she is either killed or being thrown into the drainage,rivers etc.Medical Science is the root cause for such a disaster because some of the doctors who are not at all sincere and honest towards their duties and who have not fear of god at all fluently declare the presence of either baby boy or baby girl by doing the ultrasound of married women.They demand a desired sum of money from the persons and do such a kind of shocking activities.After performing the tests,the people having dirty and down mentality forces the women to kill their baby before birth.They are tortured in most of the cases to such an extent that in order to save her own life,she kills her baby before birth. "KANYA BHROON HATYA" a term which is formed in Hindi for such an activity.

My question is from all such family of India which opposes the birth of baby girl is that are they liable or licensed to kill a small baby girl before birth?Are they not at all afraid from the existence of God?Are they not at all afraid from the existence of law and legislature against such a severe crime? Do they have the capacity to reinsert the soul even inside a dead ant?Why do not they understand that girls are the live images of indian goddesses and they can lead their family to the peak of all the development and success only with the appearence of their legs inside their home? An animal is also much better than human in this sense because instead of being animal their parental approach towards their children is much better than such a family.They do not differentiate their child on the basis of gender even being called an animal. There are thousands of examples of girls and women who proved themselves in front of the world scenario and achieved the peak point of success within a short span of time.Most Hon'ble President of India Mrs Pratibha Devi Singh Patil,CEO of Pepsico India in US named Idira Nooyi,First lady IPS of India named Kiran Bedi,DIG Suman Gupta,IAS Pooja Singhal,Astronaut Kalpana Chawla,Politicians at their peak including Mamta Bannerjee,Sushri Mayawati,Jayalalita etc to name a few.However,behind all of them there are several personalities in all the departments and sectors of Indian government where girls and women are continuously holding their prestigious chair and are being promoted at regular intervals due to their keen desire for honesty towards their work.

Last but not the least,I would like to congratulate Mr.Aamir Khan for hosting such a show named "SATYAMEV JAYATE" on the burning issue of "KANYA BHROON HATYA" under the grip of whom our country is totally locked and such an approach was being needed to make the step ahead for fighting against the deadly situations like this.It is my personal desire that may god provide love,affection and emotions in favour of small baby girls inside the soul of the all the families of India so that their birth can also be celebrated and their lives can be made secured and insured.

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