The term 'empowerment' allows us to consider various aspects of life. It raises women's status in society. After accepting the concept of empowerment, it should be brought into practice, and it is to be preserved and followed to get its meaningful benefits.

Women are sufferers in society as they are suppressed and oppressed. This can be reduced or eased, resulting in a change in attitude towards women. They are confident, capable and able to make their own decisions. Thus, the empowerment of women is highly effective, resulting in a change and improved situation in households and thereby in society.

Though it appears to be easy and successful, there are a number of obstacles and restrictions which do not allow women to be independent and self-sufficient so easily.

Obstacles to Empowering Women

1. Women have to be dependent on men.

They have to look after household chores. They are confined within four walls, and their movements are restricted. They are deprived of freedom to make their own decisions or as per their wish. They are completely 'helpless' though they may not like to be, the society has made them to become helpless.

2. Gender discrimination.

As a female, she is hated in the family. Usually, boys get preference over their sisters. The Male child is considered to be the family torch bearer. Girls, on the other hand, are considered a burden. They are terminated in the mother's womb, as the birth of a girl is heralded as a bad omen. She is poorly nourished, as she and her mother have to be satisfied with the restricted leftover food from the men/boys. This affects her health and causes malnutrition and other diseases. Early marriage, pregnancy and other family responsibilities cause her health to further deteriorate. No proper education causes her not to understand the illnesses. All such discrimination has continued in society for years.

3. Early marriage.

She is married when she reaches puberty. As a female child, she receives secondary treatment at home. Due to poverty, undernourishment and neglect in her own home, now she faces all the responsibilities of the house. The household chores start from early morning and they include looking after the animals, cooking food, getting ready to go to the field for daily wages work. This is followed by evening cooking and household chores, she is completely tired.

4. Violence:

Men demand the money earned by the woman for spending on alcohol. Most women get a beating and must face violence every day. Furthermore, women are considered an object of enjoyment and cohabitation. This results in no happiness in the house. Only struggle and further struggle.

5. Harmful traditions.

Women have to follow traditions, and though she does not like it, she is under an obligation to carry on. This is coupled with the blind faith and traditions. Women are supposed to be more active than men in these activities. They are not at all free and so are not empowered.

These are just some of the many obstacles that are faced by women that prevents empowerment.

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