There are various circumstances that keep women confined. They are not independent and free in their home, husband's house or in society. So what should be done? How will they become independent individuals? They have to understand that apart from cooking and bringing up children and doing housework, they should come out and be self-supporting so that they will be respected and have a happy family.

1. Gender equality. In the family there should not be any discrimination between male and female children. They should be given equal opportunity and treatment in the family. Girls should be given equal opportunity to get a proper education, and thereby, good health education. This makes them aware of the responsibilities as adolescent girls, and thus as future mothers.

2. Age of marriage. They know when to marry and the marriageable age. This understanding makes them overcome all the prevalent traditions and the long-established customs including the blind faith practices like child marriages. The dowry system is gradually vanishing because of the understanding and thinking of people.

3. Environment. This may include cultivating plants to increase vegetation, including flower plants, growing nurseries for variety of plants. Preference can be given to the kitchen gardens. These activities are easy to carry on, and women can get sufficient income. Greenery and plantation invites more rainfall and is also good for the environment. This makes the women to be able to earn money as well as do something useful to the society.

4. Knowledge of laws to know their own rights. This knowledge makes them aware of their own rights to get a proper share in property and other such things. They get to know about the laws against dowry, domestic violence, maintenance and allowances if they are deserted, left alone or divorced, etc. They become bold to visit the government offices for their due.

5. Financial changes. They must save their earnings in a bank or post office or be a member of a women's saving group. Thus financially they are able to become self-sufficient. Knowledge of banking and bank procedures ease their work, and thus they save time. Bank officials assist and give a helping hand. This gives them confidenceand are generally able to do much better in their lives.

6. Political scenario: This constantly changes and it is usually for the better in a progressive country. This also has raised their status in political settings. They are becoming bold enough as they come in contact with leaders.

7. Social Changes.
Whatever skills and abilities they have should be developed. This helps them as well as others. Widows, helpless, poor and deserted women should be sheltered and supported. Neglected and marginalized women should be encouraged and supported to develop self-confidence, thereby, they will be self-supportive.

In summary, women should leave their feeling of inferiority complex concerning their womanhood and should live with their own self-respect and dignity. They should develop themselves with increased efficiency and with their gifted skills and capabilities and this will empower them to a large extent.

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