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Author: Jose Martell

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About Me: I met Jesus during a crises at the age of 41. He bought me back to life and has been a friend ever since. I can never say enough about his love for people.

Articles by Jose Martell:
  • Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival ( 2886 reads)   

    How one mans love for God and the salvation of the lost changed the world. - Category: Religion
  • Praying Without Ceasing ( 2236 reads)   

    Praying can change any situation, God has left it to us to ask Him to make the changes needed in bad situations. - Category: Religion
  • Words of Warning From Men of God ( 5607 reads)   

    Since the beginning of time God has been sending Men to warn the people that one day we must reap what we sow. Not all harvest is good harvest. - Category: Relationships
  • Voice of Healing ( 4045 reads)   

    The miracles of the past will seem small compared with what the Father has for these last generations. - Category: Religion
  • Living With the Spirit of God ( 2441 reads)   

    Life in the Spirit is the enjoyment of everyday life with the Spirit of GOD. It is sharing your life with a person which you cannot see or touch and which has very different ideas than you. It is a life of signs and wonders not done in a church setting but done in everyday life. - Category: Religion
  • The Blood of Jesus ( 3292 reads)   

    Those who have been bought by the blood of Jesus have left the old man behind. They no longer have to fear generational curses and witches. - Category: Religion
  • A Foot Washing Experience ( 2849 reads)   

    Jesus said in John 13:14, That he has given us an example after he washed the disciples feet,that we should wash each others feet. - Category: Religion
  • The Supernatural World ( 3605 reads)   

    To have a miracle take place in your life you must believe that the supernatural can take place in this world and in your own life. - Category: Religion
  • Seeds of Hope and Faith ( 2860 reads)   

    Its never to early to read to a child from the bible while he is young and has the time. Later he may never have the time to invest in this until its to late. This is the greatest gift a mother or father could give a child. - Category: Religion
  • The Prophets Ministry ( 3638 reads)   

    We live in a day and age when it's easy to claim anything that is spiritual is ours. But we have the word of God to prove all things by. - Category: Religion
  • The Prophets Log ( 2483 reads)   

    You never know who God will use, it could be your neighbor, doctor, friend, or foe, even a man in prison who has the Lords ear. One thing is for sure, if God calls you he will get you, now or tomorrow, but he will get you. - Category: Relationships
  • The World According to JESUS ( 2321 reads)   

    Who would leave a life of pure joy and ecstasy to live in a dark and crooked land where you would be thought of as a criminal? Jesus did! - Category: Religion
  • The All Mighty Meeting The Need ( 2211 reads)   

    We will all have a time when the load will be more than we can bare, when we come to the end of our rope that is the time to give the load to God who will make a way in the dark hours ahead. - Category: Religion
  • From Faith, to Faith, to Faith ( 2666 reads)   

    Everything we receive from God is by faith, but faith is like a child and must one day mature into adulthood. - Category: Religion
  • A Place Called Heaven ( 2517 reads)   

    Heaven is a real place, a real city, a place to be coveted by all. The bible says that we will be as the angels who do not marry or procreate giving Glory to God for saving us by grace. - Category: Religion
  • Great Men of Faith - Part 2 ( 2919 reads)   

    William Seymour's 100 year prophecy that a new wave of healing power would be available for this generations faith healers. - Category: Religion
  • A Letter to Jesus ( 2640 reads)   

    We often forget how much this man Jesus has done for us. This is just a small reminder for me as will as others. - Category: Religion
  • Some of the Greatest Men of Faith ( 5655 reads)   

    These men and women believed that God is who he says he is and that he is no respecter of person. That what He can do for one He can do for all. - Category: Religion
  • Who is This Person the Holy Spirit? ( 2775 reads)   

    This is the person who could turn your life around. The one who is raw love and raw power. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God the Father and also God the Son while still being a person in his own right. - Category: Religion
  • The Healing of Ray Sanchez ( 2645 reads)   

    It's compassion, mercy, and especially love that moves Gods heart, your lack of faith could not stop his goodness in your life. I met Ray one day as I studied for a Russian class. - Category: Religion
  • The Evangelist Finds GOD ( 2038 reads)   

    They are in our mist, come to our homes, and run our churches, men who have never had an encounter with the God they talk about. Men who are as lost as the world they are trying to save. - Category: Religion
  • Knowing the Father ( 1829 reads)   

    Just as we would do anything for our children I am convinced that God the Father would do anything He could for us. And nothing is imposable with Him. - Category: Religion
  • A Christmas Story ( 2559 reads)   

    God gave Jesus to every living person who would receive him. They in turn become the Christmas story. - Category: Religion
  • A Full Gospel Experience ( 1844 reads)   

    A personal experience at the full gospel church. You can never have enough of God. There is so much more than just saying I believe. - Category: Religion
  • Two Friends, Logos and Rhema ( 2852 reads)   

    One word from God can change a life, family, nation, or a situation forever. Ask for a Rhema word today. - Category: Religion
  • Three Miracles of Healing ( 2055 reads)   

    It is a great thrill to see people being healed by the super natural power of God Almighty. Miracles of Healing by God.. - Category: Religion
  • Martins Tiny Bench ( 2129 reads)   

    They called him Martin, a name they had come up with for a friend they would never see. - Category: Religion
  • Butterflies Are Free ( 2580 reads)   

    Coming to grips with the plight of the unborn. You take great pity on a butterfly which has lived out its life, but you are soft on the killing of babies, which never had a life. - Category: Nature
  • Mango Trees and Dreams ( 5863 reads)   

    A love affair between a man and a fruit, a childish dream coming true only to burst into something better. - Category: Nature
  • Clara, the Search For Peace ( 2184 reads)   

    A young ladies curiosity about Jesus. I received a call from Clara my friend Louys cousin sometime back. She started off by saying that I had been recommended by her cousin as someone who could help her find the Lord. - Category: Religion
  • Douglasville and Buddy Bell ( 2375 reads)   

    How one mans love and patience saved another mans life. - Category: Religion
  • Night Watch | Having Faith in God ( 3231 reads)   

    When all else failed, even my faith, there was something bigger than me who bought me a new type of faith and trust. The supernatural type of faith and trust that originate with God. - Category: Religion
  • Chronicles of Power and Miracles ( 1970 reads)   

    When their is a true need for a miracle God can and still does the impossible if their is a person willing to share the needy ones pain, just as Jesus took on ours. - Category: Religion

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