Over twenty years ago I was introduced to the ministry teachings of Milton Green by a great friend from Everglades City named Robert Robinson. He had called me to see a series of tapes called the Word in which Milton Green taught on the coming crises of the church which he called the great falling away. I had never heard this type of teaching before and was dumbfounded as I heard him teach and rebuke the worldly pastors who lived from slogan to slogan. After the meeting was over I took Milton's address down and sent for the tapes which arrived several days later with a note from Joyce Green to the affect that the tapes were a present from her.

I was so taken up by her generous offer that I in turn wanted to be a blessing to her so I sent her the money anyway so she could offer them to someone who could not afford them. Later I started to read anything I came upon about Milton and Joyce Green. Milton had passed away and Joyce was teaching in the Texas Department of Corrections as a volunteer. She wrote back to me and offered more of Milton's books and other teaching tapes along with an offer to come to Florida and teach our little group what she could without asking for any money for expenses. This was a great lady who had a heart of gold; sadly she also has passed away and is now in heaven with Milton.

Milton Green was born in Alabama where he had a carpet cleaning business before going into the teaching ministry. He was saved and born again at the age of forty three and passed away at fifty eight. In those few years he had an impact on many people who still speak kindly of him, like David Wilkerson, James Robinson and Rick Joyner. He also had an impact on me especially his own testimony which can still be heard on YouTube. Like many people I have known, after listening to Milton teach I repented all over and felt shame for my own short coming.

The times we are living in look more and more like the Old Testament times when God sent men over and over to remind the people that they were doing wrong and what the consequences would be. Today he still sends people like Milton Green and others to warn the world and especially the church of what is to come if they continue to live in greed and hate. There seems to be so many different messages of the gospel that it reminds me of the cookie isle in a supermarket, they are all sweet but none fills you up or stays with you very long. In his book the Great Falling Away, Milton Green speaks of the end time apostasy where you cannot tell the difference between the church people and the world, I believe that we are getting very close to this.

B.H. Clendennen also spent his time and energy warning the people of the pitfalls of going to church but living ungodly lives. In his last days he recorded some of the sternest warning to the church that I have heard. After listening to him you feel as if you had never repented and still need to be saved, this is how far we have come from the true gospel. Paul Washer has some incredible videos on what the gospel should look like in your life on You Tube; again you come out of these feeling that somehow you have let the Lord down. His message called a Shocking Message is one of the most disturbing videos a person could see and hear and yet he is right on the money. The fact that it is disturbing but biblical should show every one where he is in this hour.

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Both of these messages had a profound effect on me, I hope they are a blessing to you.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_38217&v=3wX_BPopbKI&feature=iv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw7BISS4U3s